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Voter registration deadline close!

Sheffield City Council must receive applications to register for voting in the local and national elections within the next few days.

The deadline to get included on the Electoral Register is Tuesday 20th April. Applications must have reached Sheffield Council by then.

Find out more about how to do it here.


Allotments available

Fancy the hard but rewarding work of running an allotment?

Sheffield City Council has a new Allotments Officer, Michael Peacock, and there are plenty available in many in areas of North West Sheffield.

Find out more here.

Who’s your unsung local hero?

Know anyone who’s done something wonderful for the city, its communities or residents?

The Lord Mayor’s Civic Awards is a scheme developed by Sheffield City Council and  the Lord Mayor’s Office to honour Sheffielders who have been nominated by local people as being worthy of an award.

Sheffield has a range of awards including granting Freedom of the City and the Legends ‘superstar’ stars outside the Town Hall.

This scheme is one way of recognising Sheffielders, many of whom may be ‘unsung heroes’, for their hard work, dedication to others or success. Continue reading

Bridge repairs on the way

Pedestrians and locals are concerned about damage to the bridge at the bottom of Hollins Lane (in Rivelin Valley).

The structure was badly smashed by a motor vehicle collision on 3rd February 2010 and temporary measures taken to secure the area include large concrete blocks.

Unfortunately, the blocks mean that there is little or no footpath space for pedestrians to cross safely.

Speaking to NW Sheffield News, one nearby resident said, “You can’t get a buggy round that corner without stepping onto the road and it’s already hard enough for traffic to see what’s coming on that junction – it’s a potential death trap!”

Two distressed pedestrians view the scene

A Sheffield City Council spokesperson today told NW Sheffield News, “We think it was hit by a lorry, such is the damage, but there were no incident reports made to the police.”

Unfortunately, Sheffield City Council was also unable to estimate a time-scale for repair and restoration.

“The bridge is a listed structure and it’s therefore taken time to get necessary permissions to start work on it. However, these have now been received and a repair order has been issued,” said the Council official.

The View from Ron Clayton – Walls to Wednesday

Spring is of course when we flock back into our local parks and feel refreshed by the sight of new life and beginnings. I mused on this recently while mooching round Hillsborough’s hidden gem – its Walled Garden.

Oh how pleasant to see the welcome new developments in Hillsborough Park: lighting that encourages folk into the park and makes them feel more secure; the splendid new facilities at the arena and bowling green; and some really imaginative park sculpture that adults and kids can both relish to help ease their minds away from another disappointing season for Sheffield Wednesday. [I’m a lapsed Wednesdayite these day, turning down free tickets as, let’s face it, they don’t come and see me when I’m bad].

Even the Library probably had the lowest amount of money spent on any Library in Sheffield over the years perhaps – it has a new roof on it and new life in it since Labour moved out and Connexions moved in.

No, what makes my brow furrow is the crumbling old coach-house where they used to announce closing time – until the bell got nicked. It’s a listed building and the responsibility of Sheffield City Council: So what’s the reason for the seeming inertia over doing something with it? Why does no one use the Walled Garden for theatre in Summer like we used to? There seems little community involvement these days and lets face it if it wasn’t for the community the Walled Garden would be a car park. Continue reading

Tesco Commonside public enquiry call!

Tesco’s Commonside public inquiry is at Sheffield Town Hall on 12th and 13th May.

This is a high-profile planning appeal with considerable opposition. Tesco has a history of going against local wishes and Friends of the Earth published a damning report in 2008 on the supermarket chain’s alleged tactics for circumventing local democracy and the planning process (link here).

The site at 218 Springvale Road formerly belonged to Hollies Filling Station

Sheffield City Council Leader Paul Scriven, a local resident who put in his formal objection to the proposed “convenience store” spoke to North West Sheffield News this morning: Continue reading

Who We Are – Cllr. Jillian Creasy G.P. (and P.P.C.)

Jillian Creasy is one of three Green Party City Councillors in Sheffield Central Ward and is standing in Sheffield Central Constituency for the forthcoming General Election as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for her party. Jillian also works two days a week as a salaried GP in Page Hall.

What do you like most about your job?
Both jobs bring me into contact with people and I enjoy listening to them and helping to solve their problems. The satisfying part of my job as a Councillor is seeing how the many small problems reflect larger issues in the city and society/politics at large and working with individuals and groups to change things for the better.

Best/Worst day?
It’s the variety and breadth of both my jobs which is satisfying and the only bad thing is not having enough time to do it all as well or as thoroughly as I would wish – or for myself, friends and family.

Who is or was the most important influence in your life?
It was Bernard Little, now a fellow councillor in Central ward and hoping to win a seat for the Green Party in Broomhill this year. He encouraged me to join the Green Party and to run for election as a councillor. So I owe my present career and ambitions to him! He is still a great source of inspiration and support, holding onto his vision of a fairer world through all the ups and downs of life in Sheffield City Council.

Favourite gadget?
It’s a compost/worm-bin turner, which my parents gave to me for my 50th birthday. It’s very simple, a giant corkscrew, which you drive down through the worm-bin and then lift, thereby aerating rotting organic waste and improving the eventual texture of the compost. Yumyum.

Favourite media? Continue reading