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View from Ron – Ticket to Ride

On the 267 to Storrs. Archersgate at Loxley. Of course its a reflection on our local boy turned good. Robin Hood. I look around for Russell Crowe look-alikes.

There’s a meeting at Penistone Town Hall on the 29th of his month regarding the RH project but I can’t make it because I’m previously engaged on pushing the remains of Sheffield Castle at a Friends of Manor Lodge AGM. Oh Sheffield, come on – use some imagination! Then up past Stoneface and his wood at Storrs – there’s someone who has used some creativity and I wonder if he has faced the usual negativity when we push for something out of the ordinary? I’m putting him in touch with Manor Lodge – perhaps he can get a commission for something. The lad’s got talent. Continue reading


The View from Ron Clayton – Dial House

It’s a sight that saddens any long-term resident of S6; The sad state of Dial House of course.

Now I am not going to reminisce about its great days as a social club and fulcrum of the community and culture of NW Sheffield, because the great days of the WMC in most of Sheffield have long gone. Perhaps some of us in S6 clung on to those fond memories for too long. What concerns me is how we appear to have forgotten Dial House as a rare surviving piece of old Wadsley, a late Georgian building quarried from local stone and a piece of public art in its own right, with its sundial complete with philosophical and reflective inscription. Continue reading

The View from Ron Clayton – Walls to Wednesday

Spring is of course when we flock back into our local parks and feel refreshed by the sight of new life and beginnings. I mused on this recently while mooching round Hillsborough’s hidden gem – its Walled Garden.

Oh how pleasant to see the welcome new developments in Hillsborough Park: lighting that encourages folk into the park and makes them feel more secure; the splendid new facilities at the arena and bowling green; and some really imaginative park sculpture that adults and kids can both relish to help ease their minds away from another disappointing season for Sheffield Wednesday. [I’m a lapsed Wednesdayite these day, turning down free tickets as, let’s face it, they don’t come and see me when I’m bad].

Even the Library probably had the lowest amount of money spent on any Library in Sheffield over the years perhaps – it has a new roof on it and new life in it since Labour moved out and Connexions moved in.

No, what makes my brow furrow is the crumbling old coach-house where they used to announce closing time – until the bell got nicked. It’s a listed building and the responsibility of Sheffield City Council: So what’s the reason for the seeming inertia over doing something with it? Why does no one use the Walled Garden for theatre in Summer like we used to? There seems little community involvement these days and lets face it if it wasn’t for the community the Walled Garden would be a car park. Continue reading

Win a free wedding!

Win a free Wedding??

Yes a Free wedding!! We’re pleased to let you know about the Boho Wedding and Events Brand New Competition to win a free Wedding!! Boho Wedding and Events have joined forces with their good friends S6 Photography and Ever After Designs wedding stationary to bring one very lucky couple a Free Wedding………well not all of it is free, but the photography, wedding planning and invitations will be!!

So what do you need to do to win this amazing, and very generous prize I hear you ask?

They are looking for a couple who have a story to tell.

Kelly from Boho says ‘’Our aim is to help two people who have maybe had a bad time of it recently, and deserve a bit of good luck’’

So tell them your story, why do you deserve this amazing prize. Or maybe you want to write in on behalf of someone you know, a close friend or a family member? Who do you know who is getting married? and really deserves a treat??

The winner will then get: Continue reading

Toddler fine after fire

A 15-month-old boy was taken to hospital after a fire at his Sheffield home.

The toddler appeared to be fine despite the minor fire in Whitehouse Lane, Kelvin, just before 6am on Tuesday morning, but paramedics advised the precautionary check-up due to the acrid black smoke in the property.

The boy had been sleeping in the front room with his mum when an electrical heater, which had been keeping them warm, set a rug on fire. Although the blaze was small, and was already out when firefighters arrived, the plastic heater gave off the thick smoke when it caught fire.

NW Sheffield News wishes mum and son well. Well done SYFR and paramedics involved.