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Star and Telegraph woes

A few days ago the media was buzzing with news that staff at Sheffield’s two main newspapers, the Star and the Telegraph, had voted to strike.

The proposed industrial action is about new computer systems that parent company Johnson Press wants and the company’s decision to relocate staff in Sunderland to Sheffield must be causing tensions too.

There are often rumours about a “management buyout” on these local titles but those have so far come to nought. News that newspapers are struggling badly right across the world probably means such an option, if at all possible, will be on the back-burner anyway. The two newspapers, in one form or another, have provided local news coverage for over 155 years and signals of strife within their ranks are not welcome.

North West Sheffield News Online hopes the Star and Telegraph newspapers do survive and thrive. We never lift stories from either publication to recycle as our own, and so in no way are we “competition” for either title (not least as we don’t have the resources required). Indeed, the purpose of our site is mainly to gather and report news not readily covered elsewhere in mainstream media.

But it is true that we hear complaints that the online versions of both the Star and the Telegraph are not updated as efficiently as once they were and that news content generally seems to be suffering. For this reason, it may be that NWS News Online will stop highlighting their story headlines in our side-bar. Here’s hoping that won’t be necessary.


Hillsborough successfully re-branded!

Yesterday evening marked the official re-branding of Hillsborough with an event held at the Hillsborough Hotel.

In an initiative driven mainly by the Hillsborough Forum, David Blunkett MP, local author Ron Clayton and a host of others celebrated the unique community that is Hillsborough as its new logo, designed by artist Emma Metcalfe, was unveiled.

Around 100 attendees, many from the local business sector, were treated to Hillsborough Pale Ale – brewed by Crown Brewery on the Hotel’s premises – served in champagne flutes. Also present were local Councillors, Hillsborough residents, and representatives from the voluntary and community sectors.

The new logo is available for local businesses to use in order to mark the outstanding contribution that Hillsborough makes to the City of Sheffield in terms of its character and its businesses.

Wendy Wells M.B.E. spoke on behalf of organisers Hillsborough Forum to NW Sheffield News.

Hillsborough is a strong local shopping district and there was a general consensus that it needed to come together under one banner. The re-branding will be increasingly visible as businesses, many already supportive of the idea, take up the new image, and it will also feature at gateway sites and on local signs. Businesses providing a product or service can apply to Hillsborough Forum for a free licence to use the logo.

David Blunkett MP thought the logo “a great branding idea that should lift morale and get people shopping” before hinting at the date of the General Election when he added that he “looks forward to doing more in Hillsborough, if possible, from May onwards”.

Wendy Wells M.B.E. and David Blunkett MP last night

More pictures … Continue reading

NWS News on BBC radio this Tuesday

BBC Radio Sheffield’s Rony Robinson interviews NWS News Publishing Editor Russell Cavanagh live at 2.15pm on Tuesday 2nd March.

Russell will talk about who he is and discuss his professional life, including hyperlocal blogging activities at NWS News Online.

Click for Radio Sheffield

Who We Are – David O’Dea

David O’Dea lives in Stannington and is a 17 year old sixth form student at Notre Dame. He cites his main talents as “art and music – or so I’m told!”.

What do you most like about being a student?
Like most 17 year olds, I don’t particularly like going to school, but it’s always good to see friends.

Best/worst day?
Worst day is probably Wednesday because I have 3 hours of physics. The best days are at weekend, simply because there is no school.

Who is or was the most important influence on your life?
It is my parents and friends who influence me more than anything at the minute.

Favourite gadget?
Even though it’s not really a gadget, has got to be my computer because I don’t know what I would do without it.

Favourite media?
Must be music because it is my life. Being in brass bands since I was eight, I have grown up with music.

Current or most recent film you’d like to see?
I would love to see Avatar because it looks amazing.

What music are you listening to right now?
Strangely enough I am not listening to music at the moment.

What makes you smile?
Having a laugh with my mates always makes me smile. As well as women 😉

What would you most like to put right in this world?
The thing that I would most like to put right in the world is poverty.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?
A good brass player; in a job that I enjoy; and maybe even having a wife!

Save money with Linux

Computer getting a bit past it? Thinking of spending a few hundred quid on a new one?

Linux operating system (a free alternative to those of Apple and Microsoft) has long been regarded as a complicated piece of software requiring a geeky knowledge of inputting complex code. However, Linux has developed considerably over the past couple of years – to the point it is as easy to install as Windows or Apple OSX. It can regularly be found on Linux magazine cover CDs/DVDs or downloaded online.

Linux is “open source” and so there is no licence fee to pay – though voluntary donations are always welcome. It will run on PC or Mac and there should be no need to install (and get slowed down by) antivirus or other malware programs. There are many hundreds of superb software programs written for Linux by people from all across the globe – office programs, graphics, games – available free of charge. Continue reading

NWS News Online celebrated by Mercury Newspaper

North West Sheffield News Online gets a good mention in this week’s Mercury Newspaper, due out tomorrow.

Below is a clipping of the article. Click the title image to go direct to the Mercury site.

The Mercury is a rarity in the world of newspapers today. It isn’t under the control of any national company and a large part of its continuing success in print form is due to the way it targets most of its circulation straight into the venues frequented by its large but niche readership.

Thanks for the great mention Mercury Newspaper!

Who we are

This is the first in a series of fortnightly “profiles” of people living in  North West Sheffield. Although NWS News Online has a couple of people already lined up for future pieces, we thought it unfair not to put “one of our own” on the spot first.

So … My name is Russell Cavanagh, and I’m publisher and editor of NWS News Online. A youthful 48 years old (just!!), I live near Stannington.

What do you like most about your job?
I love finding out what’s happening around the area, speaking to people and sharing information that’s useful or interesting. Pot of fresh black coffee on in the morning with laptop, phone and notepad all warming up and (hopefully) ready for the unexpected. Being a self-publishing journalist and photographer is a real joy.

Best/Worst day?
Best day was last week when I went to the Digital Economy Bill unconference at the Showroom. So many people were already aware of NWS News and had kind comments. Everyone was passionate about digital and social media – one of whom assured me that I’m now a bona-fide geek! – and this enthusiasm has rubbed off on me seriously.

Too early to have had a worst day. NWS only started at the beginning of January. Pleased that we’re due to have had over 3,000 page views in our first month – and this is our 100th post! – without any concerted “marketing” of the site. Continue reading