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Voter registration deadline close!

Sheffield City Council must receive applications to register for voting in the local and national elections within the next few days.

The deadline to get included on the Electoral Register is Tuesday 20th April. Applications must have reached Sheffield Council by then.

Find out more about how to do it here.


NW Sheffield asks the candidates – Green Party

So far, the Liberal Democrats and Conservative parties have both generously responded to our two simple questions on what they believe are the similarities and differences between the parties and their policies. Now the Green Party tells us their points of view.

Dr. Jillian Creasy kindly arranged for this reply from the Greens:

What do you think are the main policy differences between your party and those of the other candidates?

The Green party is campaigning for a fairer society. To do that we need to get the economy right, reduce the gap between high and low paid, and do something real about climate change. These things go hand in hand. For example, our proposals to Sheffield Council were for investing over £10million of Council funds to create hundreds of jobs insulating and installing renewable energy in houses and council buildings across the city. Saving energy will save money, create jobs, and help tackle climate change. The other parties do talk about these things like they are a hobby on the side, for us it is the main challenge. Continue reading

Lists of local election candidates for 6th May

Media coverage of the May 6th local elections will largely be overshadowed by recent news that the General Election also takes place that day.

Here is a list – sorry it’s in pdf format! – of local election candidates in the Sheffield wards.

City Candidate Summary 6 May 2010

May 6th General Election and NWS News

PM Gordon Brown finally announced what those of us with at least a few brain cells knew already: The General Election takes place May 6th … And North West Sheffield News has already started interviewing the candidates.

The announcement came today and here is a BBC News report.

How did we know the date before it was announced? Well, given the local elections were set for May 6th … and the disruption they usually cause to schools, libraries, etc, … and knowing that people can hardly be bothered to get out and vote once in four or five years, let alone twice in the space of a month (had the General Election been called for either April or June – the only other months realistically available).

Readers will be no doubt be bombarded with standard political reporting and spin from elsewhere over the next month, and so North West Sheffield News will continue to gather participants for our “Who We Are” series and chase respondents to our “Quizzing the Politicians” initiative as part of our – hopefully refreshing – contribution. But suggestions and contributions would of course be welcome!!!

Here is what North West Sheffield News has produced so far in the run up to #GE2010. Continue reading

NW Sheffield asks the candidates – Lib Dems

NW Sheffield News asked the Greens, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour two deceptively simple questions.

Sheffield City Council Leader and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Paul Scriven answers for the liberal Democrats here … Continue reading

NW Sheffield asks the election candidates – The Conservatives

NW Sheffield News asked the Greens, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour two deceptively simple questions.

So far, the Conservatives have responded (thanks Nicola Bates!) and this is their contribution: Continue reading

Electoral choices

Less people are bothering to vote in elections – local, European and national – than ever before.

Dissatisfaction with politicians’ performance, disgust at their behaviour, a realisation that we are sold cataclysmic nightmares rather than offered dreams … More of us feel disenfranchised, sold-out, cynically abused, ruled rather than served. Consequently, less of us participate in the electoral process, instead, perhaps, choosing to bury ourselves in the X Factor or X-Box.

But if voting doesn’t provide us with enough say over our lives, surely losing even that meager opportunity should be unthinkable?

Sheffield Council wants to remind locals that they must register on the electoral roll in order to have their say in this year’s elections.

City council elections are being held on Thursday May 6th this year, and there will almost certainly be a parliamentary election held on the same day.

But unless people register to vote, they won’t be able to have any say in who serves their city or their country.

Anyone over 18, living in Sheffield and a British citizen, or a European Union or qualifying Commonwealth citizen resident in the UK, can register to vote by phoning Sheffield City Council on 0114 273 4093 or online at www.sheffield.gov.uk/elections.

Don’t like any of the parties or candidates on offer? Why not write “none of the above” on the ballot paper? Vote to reject rather than opt to stay at home silent.