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Who We Are – Ian Cuthbertson

Ian Cuthbertson works as a Software engineer and is Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democrats in the new Penistone & Stocksbridge constituency.

Ian is 64 and, after having lived and worked for most of his life in and around West and South Yorkshire, now resides in York with his partner Carol.

What do you like most about your job?
Both my day job (in IT) with a local mutual insurance company and my political and community work give me a tremendous sense of achievement and job satisfaction, though they can be very demanding and do need a lot of commitment. It’s working as part of a team that matters to me, whether I’m leading it or contributing to it as a member. And the longer-term projects I’m involved with also give me the same sense of doing something that’s worthwhile, positive and continually moving forward.

Who is or was the most important influence in your life?
Several people. First my parents, through the love and care they gave me. The senior manager who got me started in IT at a point when I had no sense of career direction. My partner Carol, who is a constant source of inspiration, guidance and support.

Best Day? Continue reading


Lib-Dems adopted

On Friday night in Broomhill, Sheffield Liberal Democrats formally adopted their two high-profile Sheffield candidates that they hope will be representing local people as MPs in Westminster after the 6th May General election.

Clegg and Scriven followed by Deputy SCC Leader David Baker

Paul Scriven has been adopted for Sheffield Central, a seat that has become a Labour-Lib Dem marginal due to boundary changes. It will be a close contest with the Liberal Democrats hoping to gain the seat from Labour.

Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg MP was also adopted for Sheffield Hallam, a seat that the Liberal Democrats have held since 1997 and Nick has been an MP for since 2005.

Both seats contain wards that for part of North West Sheffield News Online’s own readership constituency. Continue reading

May 6th General Election and NWS News

PM Gordon Brown finally announced what those of us with at least a few brain cells knew already: The General Election takes place May 6th … And North West Sheffield News has already started interviewing the candidates.

The announcement came today and here is a BBC News report.

How did we know the date before it was announced? Well, given the local elections were set for May 6th … and the disruption they usually cause to schools, libraries, etc, … and knowing that people can hardly be bothered to get out and vote once in four or five years, let alone twice in the space of a month (had the General Election been called for either April or June – the only other months realistically available).

Readers will be no doubt be bombarded with standard political reporting and spin from elsewhere over the next month, and so North West Sheffield News will continue to gather participants for our “Who We Are” series and chase respondents to our “Quizzing the Politicians” initiative as part of our – hopefully refreshing – contribution. But suggestions and contributions would of course be welcome!!!

Here is what North West Sheffield News has produced so far in the run up to #GE2010. Continue reading

Predictable political puff

NW Sheffield News joined approximately 75 representatives from community and voluntary groups all across Sheffield yesterday at Voluntary Action Sheffield as they “met the candidates” standing in the General Election.

Nick Warren, Chief Executive of VAS, was largely non-partisan as he chaired proceedings which started off with a 10-minute presentation from each of three Prospective Parliamentary Candidates:

Three candidates and a chair

After their presentations – mostly revolving around their own experiences of voluntary work (Blomfield’s hint at covert work in South Africa for the ANC being the most interesting) – there were a number of pre-chosen questions that centered on immigration, housing, role of voluntary-sector organisations in delivering public services, adult education and active citizenship. Continue reading

Sheffield seems safer

A recent survey shows that people feel more secure thanks to measures introduced by Sheffield City Council trying to deal with anti-social behaviour in the city.

The survey, commissioned by the local authority, suggests that Sheffielders’ perceptions of ‘vandalism, graffiti and other deliberate damage’ as a problem had dropped from 40% in 2008 to 35% in 2009. The Lib-Dems who control the Council say that the figure had risen from 36% to 40% between 2006 and 2008 under Labour. Continue reading

Broomhill to lose out to Dore?

Green Party Councillors are deeply concerned that Lib-Dems plan to redistribute road safety funds equally amongst the separate Community Assemblies.

They claim accident statistics over the last 5 years show up to 20 times more injuries from accidents in the middle of Sheffield compared to the outskirts.

Cllr Bernard Little said, “We support local decision making, but splitting the Highways budget in this way is clearly a mistake. Common sense says there are fewer traffic problems in rural areas, and accident numbers show this. For example Broomhill Ward has suffered 21 deaths and serious injuries in the last 5 years compared to just 4 in Dore and Totley.

Both will however receive an equal share of funds removed by the Lib Dems from the city-wide pots for pedestrian, child safety and other improvements’

Cllr Little added ‘On the streets of Sheffield the Liberal Democrats are putting political ideology ahead of people’s safety and that is very wrong.’

Sheffield’s Green Party will be putting alternative Transport Budget allocations in their budget amendment to Sheffield Council’s budget meeting on Friday.

Better buses bid battle

Sheffield deserves priority over Doncaster for bus improvements, according to Lib-Dems.

Liberal Democrats on South Yorkshire’s Integrated Passenger Authority are set to propose that the Sheffield and South Rotherham area is promoted to first in line to be offered the chance to use Quality Bus Contracts in order to see improvements to local bus services.

At the moment the South Yorkshire Integrated Passenger Authority (ITA) plans to offer Doncaster the chance to use quality contracts that would see Councils able to regulate local bus services.

However, Lib Dems believe the Mayor of Doncaster has made it clear he doesn’t see better buses as a priority and he isn’t prepared to support the bus priority measures that would be required. The Lib Dems in Sheffield believe that, as a result, Sheffield and South Rotherham should be prioritised over Doncaster so that the area becomes the first place in South Yorkshire able to use the new powers. Continue reading