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Who We Are – Ian Cuthbertson

Ian Cuthbertson works as a Software engineer and is Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democrats in the new Penistone & Stocksbridge constituency.

Ian is 64 and, after having lived and worked for most of his life in and around West and South Yorkshire, now resides in York with his partner Carol.

What do you like most about your job?
Both my day job (in IT) with a local mutual insurance company and my political and community work give me a tremendous sense of achievement and job satisfaction, though they can be very demanding and do need a lot of commitment. It’s working as part of a team that matters to me, whether I’m leading it or contributing to it as a member. And the longer-term projects I’m involved with also give me the same sense of doing something that’s worthwhile, positive and continually moving forward.

Who is or was the most important influence in your life?
Several people. First my parents, through the love and care they gave me. The senior manager who got me started in IT at a point when I had no sense of career direction. My partner Carol, who is a constant source of inspiration, guidance and support.

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Who We Are – Paul Scriven

Paul James Scriven is 44 years old and is Lib-Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Central in the looming General Election.

Paul moved to Sheffield 13 years ago, currently residing with his partner in Hunters Bar, and enjoys “living in such a wonderful City”.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be a Sheffield City Councillor for 10 years and privileged to be Leader of the City Council since May 2008. In my spare time I love dining with friends, walking in the Peaks, supporting Huddersfield Town, and too infrequently going to the Gym!

What do you like most about your job?
I get most pleasure when I can make a real difference to an individual or family experiencing a problem. Working together with them, we can solve issues and take away what had been a great burden in order to improve their quality of life.

Best/Worst day?
The best days are when I see young people achieving – and so destroying the stereotype that some have of them. We are lucky to have so many talented and wonderful young people in Sheffield.

I do get depressed when I come across injustice and see people putting barriers in the way of others trying to achieve their full potential.

Who is or was the most important influence
An English teacher at school called Miss Newton. I left school without qualifications but Miss Newton had faith and confidence in me that I’d achieve my full potential later in life. She was such a positive influence, giving me a sense of seeing the best in people and in turn encouraging them to achieve as we all can.”

What’s your favourite gadget?
My iPod Touch – love it to bits. I didn’t realise you could do so much with one gadget.

What’s your favourite media?
Without doubt the Internet. I can tweet, listen to the radio, read the Independent and Star online, and email – all at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!

Current or most recent film you’d most like to see?
I’ve just seen Avatar and would give it six out of 10. I’d like to see a A Single Man in the next few weeks – if I get spare time!!

What music are you listening to just now?
This is were I lose credibility! I’m listening to Scouting For Girls, although I do have everything from Mozart to The Kings of Leon on my iPod.

What makes you smile?
I tend to smile at the observations of young people. The best I ever heard was “if bees make honey, do flies make jam?” Classic!!

What would you most like to put right in this world?
I’d like to make Sheffield and the UK a fairer place so that people, regardless of their personal situation, could reach their full potential and have equality of opportunity.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?
I expect to be greyer, with less hair, and with more wrinkles (but hopefully wiser). But I will still have passion to fight for a fairer world.

  1. Current or recent film you’d most like to see?

Lib-Dems reject pay increase

The Liberal Democrat Leader of Sheffield City Council and his Lib Dem Cabinet members intend to reject an independent panel’s proposal for senior councillors to receive significant pay rises.

The independent panel’s report, which is due to be considered at the 17th February 2010 meeting of Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet, recommends a total of £66,212 a year extra for the Leader and the other nine members of the Cabinet team.

The independent panel recommends’ that the Leader receives a pay rise of £12,038.56, so that the total allowance for being Leader of the Council increases from £18,167.68 to £30,206.24. The independent panel also recommends’ that Cabinet members receive a pay rise of £6,012.27, so that the total allowance for being a Cabinet member increases from £9,083.86 to £15,103.13. Continue reading