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Star and Telegraph woes

A few days ago the media was buzzing with news that staff at Sheffield’s two main newspapers, the Star and the Telegraph, had voted to strike.

The proposed industrial action is about new computer systems that parent company Johnson Press wants and the company’s decision to relocate staff in Sunderland to Sheffield must be causing tensions too.

There are often rumours about a “management buyout” on these local titles but those have so far come to nought. News that newspapers are struggling badly right across the world probably means such an option, if at all possible, will be on the back-burner anyway. The two newspapers, in one form or another, have provided local news coverage for over 155 years and signals of strife within their ranks are not welcome.

North West Sheffield News Online hopes the Star and Telegraph newspapers do survive and thrive. We never lift stories from either publication to recycle as our own, and so in no way are we “competition” for either title (not least as we don’t have the resources required). Indeed, the purpose of our site is mainly to gather and report news not readily covered elsewhere in mainstream media.

But it is true that we hear complaints that the online versions of both the Star and the Telegraph are not updated as efficiently as once they were and that news content generally seems to be suffering. For this reason, it may be that NWS News Online will stop highlighting their story headlines in our side-bar. Here’s hoping that won’t be necessary.


May 6th General Election and NWS News

PM Gordon Brown finally announced what those of us with at least a few brain cells knew already: The General Election takes place May 6th … And North West Sheffield News has already started interviewing the candidates.

The announcement came today and here is a BBC News report.

How did we know the date before it was announced? Well, given the local elections were set for May 6th … and the disruption they usually cause to schools, libraries, etc, … and knowing that people can hardly be bothered to get out and vote once in four or five years, let alone twice in the space of a month (had the General Election been called for either April or June – the only other months realistically available).

Readers will be no doubt be bombarded with standard political reporting and spin from elsewhere over the next month, and so North West Sheffield News will continue to gather participants for our “Who We Are” series and chase respondents to our “Quizzing the Politicians” initiative as part of our – hopefully refreshing – contribution. But suggestions and contributions would of course be welcome!!!

Here is what North West Sheffield News has produced so far in the run up to #GE2010. Continue reading

Hyperlocal news

The widely respected Sheffield Blog gave North West Sheffield News a lovely mini-review* today.

Hyperlocal news sites – like Sheffield Blog, NWS News, Lichfield Blog, Saddleworth News and many others – highlight issues affecting pretty localised geographical areas. And new examples are springing up with increasing frequency.

The diversity of ideas and information on offer in every community encourages small local blogs to seek a more personal degree of contact than that enjoyed by traditional media (e.g., newspapers). Everyday life experiences provides veins of interest that are richer than any amount of force-fed celebrity tattle.

Indeed, it is being part of “community” that is crucial to hyperlocal “success” – something that even politicians and local authorities are aware of these days.

So don’t hesitate to leave comments or story suggestions now and again on any blog you may happen to read. After all, connecting with each other is what it’s all about.

*Thanks Sheffield Blog. 😎

NWS News on BBC radio this Tuesday

BBC Radio Sheffield’s Rony Robinson interviews NWS News Publishing Editor Russell Cavanagh live at 2.15pm on Tuesday 2nd March.

Russell will talk about who he is and discuss his professional life, including hyperlocal blogging activities at NWS News Online.

Click for Radio Sheffield

New social media surgery sessions

Voluntary organisations and community groups can get free social media advice next month at Paces Campus in the North of Sheffield.

In association with PACES and Cosy Computers, the GIST Foundation is organising social media practitioners who will listen to what enquirers want or need from using social media internet tools – such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, etc – and give free advice through further discussion.

Sessions are one-to-one, though others can listen in as appropriate, and usually last between 20 to 45 minutes.

This free event happens Thursday March 18th from 5.00pm – 7.00pm at Paces Campus (Packhorse Lane, High Green) and booking forms are here.

Also, advice sessions in Sheffield Central continue with the next social media surgery taking place on Wednesday March 3rd at the Showroom Cinema’s Cafe Bar from 4.30pm – 6.30pm. Booking forms are here

North West Sheffield News Online will be amongst the pool of advisers attending both events – so hopefully see you there! Continue reading

Hailstorm over Rivelin Valley

Just to prove how hyperlocal North West Sheffield News Online really is …

Here’s a photograph of a brief hailstorm that took place at 14.27pm today near Stannington!

NWSheffield News Online now advising at free Social Media Surgery

North West Sheffield News Online is proud to have been asked to join a pool of advisers who provide social media advice free to voluntary sector and community groups in regular monthly sessions held at The Showroom.

Wednesday 3rd February is the first session of 2010 and this should be repeated on the first Wednesday of each subsequent month running between 4.30 and 6.30pm.

The idea is for practitioners to share their expertise and experience with those seeking to use social media to reach potential and existing service users more effectively.

Whether its how best to use blogs, Twitter or Facebook to promote a cause effectively, one-to-one sessions (and enquirers can bring a friend) of 20 – 45 minutes are available free of charge. Continue reading