Allotments available

Fancy the hard but rewarding work of running an allotment?

Sheffield City Council has a new Allotments Officer, Michael Peacock, and there are plenty available in many in areas of North West Sheffield.

Find out more here.


Lib-Dems adopted

On Friday night in Broomhill, Sheffield Liberal Democrats formally adopted their two high-profile Sheffield candidates that they hope will be representing local people as MPs in Westminster after the 6th May General election.

Clegg and Scriven followed by Deputy SCC Leader David Baker

Paul Scriven has been adopted for Sheffield Central, a seat that has become a Labour-Lib Dem marginal due to boundary changes. It will be a close contest with the Liberal Democrats hoping to gain the seat from Labour.

Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg MP was also adopted for Sheffield Hallam, a seat that the Liberal Democrats have held since 1997 and Nick has been an MP for since 2005.

Both seats contain wards that for part of North West Sheffield News Online’s own readership constituency. Continue reading

Blunkett, Brightside and Hillsborough

Ron Clayton asked David Blunkett MP for his thoughts on the boundary changes that mean he’s standing for election in a newly re-drawn constituency. Here is the reply …

“The people of Sheffield Brightside have done me the honour of electing me as their MP since 1987, for which I will always be grateful. Now I am hoping that the voters of the new, expanded Brightside & Hillsborough constituency will send me back to Westminster so that I can continue to make their voice heard.

“The boundaries have changed and the Hillsborough ward now falls within what will hopefully be my remit! Continue reading

Parking mad!

Tenants and visitors to Fairbarn Place should have better parking facilities soon.

Currently, there are complaints that parking habits have ruined grassy areas. However, environmental money from the “Decent Homes Initiative” has been found to put towards making improvements.

One visitor to the city, who preferred not to be named, told NW Sheffield News, “People across the world refer to Yorkshire as one of the most beautiful spots anywhere, but Sheffield’s reputation as a green city is marred by such wanton thoughtlessness. I won’t be back!”

A local resident chipped in, “My thoughts and sympathies go out to both the young and the elderly whose footing may have slipped on this localised environmental disaster.”

A visibly-agitated Green Party supporter added, “This is verging on the ridiculous! We know where these people park – make no mistake! It’s becoming like a scene from ‘The Day after Tomorrow’ – and we know how that ended!”

NW Sheffield asks the candidates – Green Party

So far, the Liberal Democrats and Conservative parties have both generously responded to our two simple questions on what they believe are the similarities and differences between the parties and their policies. Now the Green Party tells us their points of view.

Dr. Jillian Creasy kindly arranged for this reply from the Greens:

What do you think are the main policy differences between your party and those of the other candidates?

The Green party is campaigning for a fairer society. To do that we need to get the economy right, reduce the gap between high and low paid, and do something real about climate change. These things go hand in hand. For example, our proposals to Sheffield Council were for investing over £10million of Council funds to create hundreds of jobs insulating and installing renewable energy in houses and council buildings across the city. Saving energy will save money, create jobs, and help tackle climate change. The other parties do talk about these things like they are a hobby on the side, for us it is the main challenge. Continue reading

The View from Ron Clayton – Dial House

It’s a sight that saddens any long-term resident of S6; The sad state of Dial House of course.

Now I am not going to reminisce about its great days as a social club and fulcrum of the community and culture of NW Sheffield, because the great days of the WMC in most of Sheffield have long gone. Perhaps some of us in S6 clung on to those fond memories for too long. What concerns me is how we appear to have forgotten Dial House as a rare surviving piece of old Wadsley, a late Georgian building quarried from local stone and a piece of public art in its own right, with its sundial complete with philosophical and reflective inscription. Continue reading

Costs for car higher

The average car owner is now spending around £1,398 a year on fuel for their vehicle according to research findings just released.

Increases in the price of car insurance (11%) and fuel (10%) have been the biggest contributors to an 8.6% rise in the cost of running a car in the last five months alone.

Sainsbury’s Finance estimates that the total annual bill for motoring, excluding any interest payments on car loans, is now around £2,539.