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View from Ron – Ticket to Ride

On the 267 to Storrs. Archersgate at Loxley. Of course its a reflection on our local boy turned good. Robin Hood. I look around for Russell Crowe look-alikes.

There’s a meeting at Penistone Town Hall on the 29th of his month regarding the RH project but I can’t make it because I’m previously engaged on pushing the remains of Sheffield Castle at a Friends of Manor Lodge AGM. Oh Sheffield, come on – use some imagination! Then up past Stoneface and his wood at Storrs – there’s someone who has used some creativity and I wonder if he has faced the usual negativity when we push for something out of the ordinary? I’m putting him in touch with Manor Lodge – perhaps he can get a commission for something. The lad’s got talent. Continue reading


Easter evening sunshine

Neepsend Gas Holder photographed over the Easter weekend whilst on the way to good food and beer at the Hillsborough Hotel:

Incident at Fairbarn Drive today

Plain-clothes and uniform police visited a house at Fairbarn Drive, Stannington, today.

Officers repeatedly entered the property in question and searched the surrounding area up until just after noon.

When asked, South Yorkshire Police declined to comment on just what had occurred. North West Sheffield News hopes to have more information later on.

Police and residents in Fairbarn Drive this morning

Electoral choices

Less people are bothering to vote in elections – local, European and national – than ever before.

Dissatisfaction with politicians’ performance, disgust at their behaviour, a realisation that we are sold cataclysmic nightmares rather than offered dreams … More of us feel disenfranchised, sold-out, cynically abused, ruled rather than served. Consequently, less of us participate in the electoral process, instead, perhaps, choosing to bury ourselves in the X Factor or X-Box.

But if voting doesn’t provide us with enough say over our lives, surely losing even that meager opportunity should be unthinkable?

Sheffield Council wants to remind locals that they must register on the electoral roll in order to have their say in this year’s elections.

City council elections are being held on Thursday May 6th this year, and there will almost certainly be a parliamentary election held on the same day.

But unless people register to vote, they won’t be able to have any say in who serves their city or their country.

Anyone over 18, living in Sheffield and a British citizen, or a European Union or qualifying Commonwealth citizen resident in the UK, can register to vote by phoning Sheffield City Council on 0114 273 4093 or online at

Don’t like any of the parties or candidates on offer? Why not write “none of the above” on the ballot paper? Vote to reject rather than opt to stay at home silent.

Keep out of Penistone Tesco

Penistone Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) is warning local youngsters to stop using the new Tesco supermarket’s car park on Back Lane, Penistone.

Youngsters are regularly using it as a quick route to the local skate park off Park Avenue. But it is very unsafe to enter and trespassers are at risk.

Building contractors working on the car park have fenced off the area, yet youngsters are still cutting through the site instead of walking 200 metres down Back Lane.

PCSO Joanne Weatherall said: “The area is fenced off for a reason. The site contains large machinery, electrical wires and holes, which makes it an unsafe route to walk through. As an SNT, we will be patrolling the area more in the near future.”

Broomhill Action Neighbourhood AGM

Broomhill Action Neighbourhood Group’s AGM is scheduled for Tuesday April 13th.

The event will be held in Broomhill Methodist Church at 7.30pm. This is a chance to discover what BANG has been doing this past year and to find out how to get involved in their activities.

Sheffield Homes to aid digital switchover

Some tenants and leaseholders using communal TV aerials are about to get help with Sheffield’s 2011 switch to digital broadcasting.

Sheffield Homes is writing to council tenants and leaseholders to tell them about important upgrade work in preparation for the digital switchover. It’s really important that people allow access to their homes, otherwise they could find that they can’t watch television.

The programme is being managed by Wates, and work will be carried out by TVSAS in around 10,000 homes over the next few months in readiness for next year’s switchover. They will need to fit a new television socket inside homes, which should take under an hour to complete. Wates will contact tenants and leaseholders when they are in the area, and everyone affected will get an appointment letter.

The work will only affect council tenants and leaseholders who receive television through a communal aerial. Those who have their own aerial are responsible for making sure that it is ready for switchover. All customers will need to make sure they have television equipment that can receive a digital signal.

For a leaflet and more information about the work and when it is due in your area, please visit, call 293 0000 (North Sheffield) or 205 3333 (South Sheffield), call into one of Sheffield Homes offices or First Points, or email  Anyone who has already received information about the work and has a question about an appointment, please call Wates on 08456 035787.

For impartial, independent information about the switchover and what needs done, contact Digital UK on 08456 50 50 50 or visit