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Something worthwhile to do?

Volunteer Centre Sheffield just launched a new website to promote volunteering in the city.

Click to visit the site!

The site offers a range of information and advice for people wanting to volunteer, organisations that use or want to use volunteers, and for employers who are supporting their employees to volunteer. There are case studies from current volunteers, details for forthcoming events, and an interactive members’ area for individuals and organisations to exchange information, share resources and discuss good practice and developments.

Volunteer Centre Manager, Julia South, said: “The website is a great additional resource for the team in our role supporting individuals and organisations with volunteering. We hope that it will become an indispensable tool.”

Strategic Volunteering Manager at VAS, Claire Walsh, said: “Sheffield Volunteer Centre already does a great job in matching local people up with volunteering opportunities and advising volunteer-involving organisations on how best to engage and support their volunteers. This exciting new website will enable everyone with an interest in volunteering in Sheffield to discover exactly how they can benefit from their help, as well as interacting with other like-minded people on its notice-board. I would urge everyone in Sheffield to take a peek!”


Costs for car higher

The average car owner is now spending around £1,398 a year on fuel for their vehicle according to research findings just released.

Increases in the price of car insurance (11%) and fuel (10%) have been the biggest contributors to an 8.6% rise in the cost of running a car in the last five months alone.

Sainsbury’s Finance estimates that the total annual bill for motoring, excluding any interest payments on car loans, is now around £2,539.

Tooth expensive?

One in 30 parents admits the cost of going to the dentist means their children have never had their teeth checked.

43% of people have put off a visit to the dentist due to money worries while 39% have resorted to using their credit card to pay for treatment costing over £50.

Simplyhealth’s Annual Dental Survey found that just half of the UK population are under the care of an NHS dentist while one in 10 adults do not have a dentist at all.

Details of local NHS dentists can be found here.

Teen dreams, obese pets and costly bodgers

Here are some useless but perhaps interesting snippets about money in the news this past week …

Ah, bless …
Teenagers expect to be earning an average of £51,800 by age 35 compared with the actual average of £28,933, while 61% think they will be able to buy a house by age 25. However, while their aspirations may be unrealistic, NatWest says its annual survey of 12-19 year olds shows they are significantly more aware of money management issues than a year ago, with 33% of boys and 24% of girls saying they save most or all of their money.

Feed less …
Obesity levels among pets are reaching the same worrying proportions as for people in the UK, with vets reporting that four in 10 of their patients are overweight. In comparison, Government studies suggest that more than half of adults are overweight, says Sainsbury’s Finance. Its survey of vets found that one in 10 pets are categorised as severely overweight, risking conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and bone or ligament problems.

Clueless …
9% of Brits admit they can’t change a lightbulb and 23% don’t know how to change a fuse – but scientists now claim that ability at DIY could be genetically pre-determined. Halifax Home Insurance estimates that £400m worth of damage was caused last year by people who lack the ‘DIY gene’, with the average botched job costing £78.26 to fix.

Win a free wedding!

Win a free Wedding??

Yes a Free wedding!! We’re pleased to let you know about the Boho Wedding and Events Brand New Competition to win a free Wedding!! Boho Wedding and Events have joined forces with their good friends S6 Photography and Ever After Designs wedding stationary to bring one very lucky couple a Free Wedding………well not all of it is free, but the photography, wedding planning and invitations will be!!

So what do you need to do to win this amazing, and very generous prize I hear you ask?

They are looking for a couple who have a story to tell.

Kelly from Boho says ‘’Our aim is to help two people who have maybe had a bad time of it recently, and deserve a bit of good luck’’

So tell them your story, why do you deserve this amazing prize. Or maybe you want to write in on behalf of someone you know, a close friend or a family member? Who do you know who is getting married? and really deserves a treat??

The winner will then get: Continue reading

Shop local gift ideas for under £10, £25 and £50

To shop local is to invest in the wellbeing of a community. But in these days of supermarket chains and national franchises, it can be rather difficult to know what’s available …

So here are three gift ideas, involving businesses, services, products and people based within the boundaries of the North West Sheffield area.

Under £10
Two interesting and informative books for less than £10 combined!?! Sheffield S6 historian and author Ron Clayton writes in an accessible style and has worked solo and collaboratively on several publishing projects. Ron is also acclaimed for his guided walks. Although Ron’s work is available in outlets across Sheffield, you can buy direct from his publisher here.

Under £25
Ok, cheating slightly as this particular hat (see illustration) costs £25 bang on the nail. Imogen is a local milliner producing bespoke and designer hats across a wide price range. But she’s always got bargain items tailored to suit most pockets. No one would guess from the professional quality of Imogen’s work that she is comparatively new to the millinery business. Check out her Facebook page here.

Under £50
£38 buys an eight-week block of swimming lessons at Upperthorpe Healthy Living Centre (discounted to £29.60 with a Slice Card) to keep your “significant other” in tip-top health!


Off the boil – scrappage scheme stops

The boiler scrappage scheme is now closed to new applications.

People have up to 12 weeks after receiving their voucher to have the work done and claim the £400 off the cost of installation of a new, modern “A-rated” boiler or a renewable heating system like a biomass boiler or a heat pump.

The Government’s boiler scrappage scheme was launched in January 2010 with funding of £50m to upgrade up to 125,000 household heating systems in England to save money on fuel bills and sustain work for the heating industry.