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Star and Telegraph woes

A few days ago the media was buzzing with news that staff at Sheffield’s two main newspapers, the Star and the Telegraph, had voted to strike.

The proposed industrial action is about new computer systems that parent company Johnson Press wants and the company’s decision to relocate staff in Sunderland to Sheffield must be causing tensions too.

There are often rumours about a “management buyout” on these local titles but those have so far come to nought. News that newspapers are struggling badly right across the world probably means such an option, if at all possible, will be on the back-burner anyway. The two newspapers, in one form or another, have provided local news coverage for over 155 years and signals of strife within their ranks are not welcome.

North West Sheffield News Online hopes the Star and Telegraph newspapers do survive and thrive. We never lift stories from either publication to recycle as our own, and so in no way are we “competition” for either title (not least as we don’t have the resources required). Indeed, the purpose of our site is mainly to gather and report news not readily covered elsewhere in mainstream media.

But it is true that we hear complaints that the online versions of both the Star and the Telegraph are not updated as efficiently as once they were and that news content generally seems to be suffering. For this reason, it may be that NWS News Online will stop highlighting their story headlines in our side-bar. Here’s hoping that won’t be necessary.


Tesco Commonside public enquiry call!

Tesco’s Commonside public inquiry is at Sheffield Town Hall on 12th and 13th May.

This is a high-profile planning appeal with considerable opposition. Tesco has a history of going against local wishes and Friends of the Earth published a damning report in 2008 on the supermarket chain’s alleged tactics for circumventing local democracy and the planning process (link here).

The site at 218 Springvale Road formerly belonged to Hollies Filling Station

Sheffield City Council Leader Paul Scriven, a local resident who put in his formal objection to the proposed “convenience store” spoke to North West Sheffield News this morning: Continue reading

Open Coffee community & business event this Monday

Easter Monday for some perhaps, but those in business or thinking of starting a community group can take advantage of a great free event that takes place first and third Mondays of every month.

OpenCoffee Hillsborough is a regular, informal meeting for local people interested in running a business or community organisation. In particular, we’re interested in getting new ideas off the ground and in the creative use of technology and online marketing.

These are some of the benefits of taking part:

  • The opportunity to tell people about your good ideas, and get help making them happen.
  • Get help with starting or growing your business—especially with the marketing and internet side of things.
  • Find out about local projects that need your skills.
  • Learn new skills through skill-sharing with other participants.

We meet from 1-4pm on the first and third Monday of each month at the Java Lounge coffee shop on Hillsborough corner. Grab a Google Map showing the Java Lounge, or read more about taking part.

They take place at the Java Lounge on Hillsborough Corner. (Hot chocolate is especially good – NWS Editor.)

Loxley planning application controversy – update

The 25th March deadline for the controversial Loxley Golf Club planning application is now up.

Concerns about environmental implications for further development of the facility on what is a green-belt site are detailed at our previous article here.

However, Sheffield City Council’s Planning Department today confirmed to us that a decision is not likely until a planning meeting scheduled for 18th May. This is due to requests for more information about the impact of proposed floodlighting at night and data on increased traffic for the golf course and during football matches.

Sheffield Council is also apparently looking into previously unresolved enforcement issues surrounding existing floodlighting and over a domestic dwelling currently on the site that do not seem to have had planning permission either sought or granted.

Hillsborough successfully re-branded!

Yesterday evening marked the official re-branding of Hillsborough with an event held at the Hillsborough Hotel.

In an initiative driven mainly by the Hillsborough Forum, David Blunkett MP, local author Ron Clayton and a host of others celebrated the unique community that is Hillsborough as its new logo, designed by artist Emma Metcalfe, was unveiled.

Around 100 attendees, many from the local business sector, were treated to Hillsborough Pale Ale – brewed by Crown Brewery on the Hotel’s premises – served in champagne flutes. Also present were local Councillors, Hillsborough residents, and representatives from the voluntary and community sectors.

The new logo is available for local businesses to use in order to mark the outstanding contribution that Hillsborough makes to the City of Sheffield in terms of its character and its businesses.

Wendy Wells M.B.E. spoke on behalf of organisers Hillsborough Forum to NW Sheffield News.

Hillsborough is a strong local shopping district and there was a general consensus that it needed to come together under one banner. The re-branding will be increasingly visible as businesses, many already supportive of the idea, take up the new image, and it will also feature at gateway sites and on local signs. Businesses providing a product or service can apply to Hillsborough Forum for a free licence to use the logo.

David Blunkett MP thought the logo “a great branding idea that should lift morale and get people shopping” before hinting at the date of the General Election when he added that he “looks forward to doing more in Hillsborough, if possible, from May onwards”.

Wendy Wells M.B.E. and David Blunkett MP last night

More pictures … Continue reading

Our Cow Molly whips up media storm in liberal scoops!

Paul Scriven, Nick Clegg and David Baker visited Our Cow Molly last Friday (19th March) to show their support for the successful Dungworth farm and its increasingly famous and respected ice cream.

Mainstream media followed close behind as ITV and Channel 4 film crews turned up as the politicians turned their hand to making. Great exposure for a real local success story!

Nick Clegg MP, Cllrs David Baker and Paul Scriven visit Our Cow Molly

Nick Clegg MP awaits his churn ...

Taking care of business

A friend of NWSN recently left a business network he’d been a member of for about six months.

Why? Well, several people at the latest network meetings expressed definite interest in his projects and services, and some of them said they’d be in touch regarding projects they had in mind.

But most of the replies he got to the courtesy chase-up emails (“… it was good to see you at the network meeting on …”) he sent out after meeting these people actually showed that many of the “industry leaders” present at the luncheon event were in fact nothing of the sort. They all had to defer to someone else, people who had never met my friend, before any decision could be made as to whether they’d hire him or not … and he never heard further.

What, therefore, is the point of belonging to such a business network?

So, if you’re considering joining a networking club, consider:

  • How much work you will need to get from other members and their clients in order to recoup network fees and the value of time spent traveling to and attending events;
  • Whether or not existing members really do have appropriate seniority in their own companies that lets them make truly executive decisions – or if are they really just middle-management scouts monitoring business developments;
  • How you will separate the bullshitters from the sincere business networkers;
  • Whether or not your own business is actually suitable for networking to other members and their clients – e.g., if you cover only a certain patch of a city but others are located or based elsewhere. Might you find another, closer to home, or indeed start a new one, that is more appropriate?

And always pay fees monthly to any business network you join – rather than a full year in advance at once – so you can cancel without further cost if you decide the network isn’t suitable.