North West Sheffield News Blog.

We’ve defined “North West Sheffield” as covering an area extending from the northern edge of the city and west of the A61 (Halifax/Penistone Road and beyond). News from outside will feature if there is a relevance or benefit to NWS dwellers.

Thanks for visiting!

My name is Russell Cavanagh. As a qualified photographer and seasoned journalist, I’ll be looking for interesting articles about what’s going on in North West Sheffield. These will be stories from the community, wider issues affecting the area, and occasionally items reflecting what local businesses have to offer. Links to useful information will also be included.

Outside contributions will be welcome! These can be in the form of messages left via the “contact” page – that will be edited into a suitable format – or appear as comments left by viewers and readers against each story posted. Comments will only be moderated so that nothing abusive slips past – and a variety of opinions will no doubt appear! Suggestions for improving the site are also welcome!

I’ll be working as reporter and editor for this site whilst developing and marketing its presence on the web. So a lot of my own investment will go into it. And although donations from readers and modest revenue from business advertisers will be welcome, it will remain free to view.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Here’s what editors have said about Russell’s work for them:

“Writing Worth Reading” – The Scotsman
“Recommended reading and quality journalism”
– Mercury Newspaper

“Russell’s copy is always right on the money”
– Mature Times
“Cavanagh has a knack for making sense of the pound” – ChooseMoney.co.uk


4 responses to “About

  1. Well done Russell. This is a quality site and well worth reading. The Star isn’t up to much these days and this kind of venture could easily end up being regular reading for me.

  2. Congrats Russell. A fine move. Now you’ve done it, I don’t have to! Been thinking of some such thing for a while, following my namesake (but unrelated) Will Perrin & ultralocal/hyperlocal.

    What area do you regard as NW Sheffield?

    • Hi Norman. Thanks for the good wishes. Hope all is well with you. Generally, we’re currently targeting North of the city centre and West of Ha;ifax/Penistonre Road/A61 – though nothing ruled out – so you’ve still got scope for your hyperlocal if you want to cover High Green and Chapeltown!

      Let me know!

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