Blunkett, Brightside and Hillsborough

Ron Clayton asked David Blunkett MP for his thoughts on the boundary changes that mean he’s standing for election in a newly re-drawn constituency. Here is the reply …

“The people of Sheffield Brightside have done me the honour of electing me as their MP since 1987, for which I will always be grateful. Now I am hoping that the voters of the new, expanded Brightside & Hillsborough constituency will send me back to Westminster so that I can continue to make their voice heard.

“The boundaries have changed and the Hillsborough ward now falls within what will hopefully be my remit!

“The backing of local people has been key to the changes we’ve seen in the last few years and I want to see them continue. I’m deeply committed to working with Hillsborough residents to ensure that the facilities – in addition to the sports hall, which I helped to gain funding for – can be adapted for community use once Wisewood and Myers Grove amalgamate. I’m very proud of the development of Hillsborough College. I want to work with local people on environmental improvements – including Ward’s End cemetery.

“Maintaining the progress that’s been made really is a task for all us, working together – and I hope I’ll get the chance to work with all readers of the site for the betterment of our area and city.”


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