Allotments available

Fancy the hard but rewarding work of running an allotment?

Sheffield City Council has a new Allotments Officer, Michael Peacock, and there are plenty available in many in areas of North West Sheffield.

Find out more here.


2 responses to “Allotments available

  1. ahem, from the article you link to : ‘The only sites with vacancies are Ouse Road and Moss Way.’ Those are in S9 and S20 respectively.

    • You are absolutely right! We were perhaps fooled by the sentence “There are over 3,000 allotments run by the City Council in Sheffield and with over 70 sites to choose from, there’s sure to be one near you” and a hopefully warranted belief that the “only sites with vacancies are …” statement is ephemeral and therefore subject to fairly constant updating.

      Cheers for that! 😎

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