The View from Ron Clayton – Dial House

It’s a sight that saddens any long-term resident of S6; The sad state of Dial House of course.

Now I am not going to reminisce about its great days as a social club and fulcrum of the community and culture of NW Sheffield, because the great days of the WMC in most of Sheffield have long gone. Perhaps some of us in S6 clung on to those fond memories for too long. What concerns me is how we appear to have forgotten Dial House as a rare surviving piece of old Wadsley, a late Georgian building quarried from local stone and a piece of public art in its own right, with its sundial complete with philosophical and reflective inscription.

Any other part of Sheffield would have witnessed more of a public outcry and pressure on the Council to secure this valuable historic building. Now S6 has a sense of community all right, borne out by the debate over the future of my old alma mater, Wisewood School, would that more folk in S6 manifest this in expressing concern over Dial House. For a start should not the Council be considering whether the roof of this listed building, for which they have an overall responsibility, is adequately protected?

If faith moves mountains then public concern causes flutters in Town Halls. Why don’t we try it?

There’s more to come on conservation and heritage. Watch this space!

Ron Clayton


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