View from Ron Clayton – Who supports Rangers?

Praise or Grumble for the Rangers of NW Sheffield?

I have been passing over some of my old photographs to Sheffield Archives recently and some of them depict the Wadsley Common that I loved with a passion [and may do again] in what was the nineteen eighties. It is incredible how much of the Common is now unrecognisable due to the spread of birch trees.

The Rangers of Sheffield City Council are carrying out a sensitive management scheme to get the Common [sorry, “Commons”, as they now are] back into ‘balance’. I cannot be more eloquent than that, but what they are doing is right and proper and they are supported by a wonderful bunch of locals. These are the Wadsley and Loxley Commoners, who may sound like a cricket team but they take a great pride in the area and are worth supporting.

Unfortunately, as with the sterling work carried out by the Environment Agency at Malin Bridge, not everyone agrees. Such has the green agenda been made core to our lifestyles [carbon footprints indeed, mine is a size eleven] that we seem to lose sight of the fact that trees are not necessarily sacred and involiate, but sometimes have to be culled. Has anyone considered the damage being wrought on Dodd Street, Hillsborough, by tree roots?

I await the pillory or stocks of public opinion.

Ron Clayton


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