View from Ron Clayton – Bogged down at Hillsborough Corner?

Yes its true. That bizarre looking khazi on Holme Lane has been taken out of commission.

This Atlantic Wall pill box structure has finally opened its door for the last time and awaits removal. Not fit for purpose it was originally going to be situated outside the even more short-lived housing offices on Bradfield Road before locals campaigned for it to be erected elsewhere.

I’ve used it a few times and on one occasion found myself open to public viewing, bit like Chatsworth, especially if you were on the top deck of the Stannington Bus.

Closing its door was like closing the gates of Troy. One Friday night on me way home I noticed the sign said ‘engaged’ and, as I have seen very few people actually enter it, I imagined someone, on seeing the sign unchanged the next morning, having had fourteen pints of Stones and a vindaloo, still incarcerated inside.

Of course it could well be some time before the Council gets around to demolishing it, so perhaps readers could suggest some temporary use for it; e.g., pass it off as a piece of modernist street furniture or maybe the locals [who have made an excellent job of the nearby Community Garden] could get some camaflage netting from the army surplus store at Malin Bridge and hide it for however long it takes.

Ron Clayton

Ron Clayton does an illustrated talk, ‘Privy Tales -Stories of Famous Sheffield Toilets’ and still buys the occasional roll of Bronco Paper. He also recently starred in “The Seven Wonders of Sheffield”.


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