Who We Are – Angela Smith MP

Angela Smith is sitting Member of Parliament for the Sheffield Hillsborough constituency. The boundaries have been redrawn in time for the General Election and she is PPC for the new Penistone & Stocksbridge seat.

Angela is 48 and lives in the north of Sheffield with her husband, Steve.

What do you like most about your job?
Every now and again there’s a feeling of real achievement, of having done something that promises to improve people’s lives. The ban on smoking in public places, for instance, is a measure I voted for, and which is already making a positive difference.

Best/Worst day?
My best day has to be the day I married my husband, I have to say. It’s difficult to pick a worst day; we all have ups and downs in our lives, but I’ve been very lucky so far and have not suffered major trauma or tragedy, as some people have.

Who is or was the most significant influence in your life?
It has to be my husband I suppose. But from being very young I’ve always enjoyed too the encouragement and support of older women in political life, women who’ve made me think, “yes, that’s something I could do too!”.

Favourite gadget?
I’m afraid I don’t do gadgets. I have a mobile phone and that’s about it. Gadgets are a boy thing!

Favourite media?
Radio, I think. I listen a lot to Radio Sheffield and occasionally to Radio 4 and Radio 2. TV I watch when I can, but my working hours are very erratic and so I usually have to record the programmes I want to watch. I’m looking forward to the return to our screens of Ashes to Ashes and Dr Who.

Current or recent film you’d most like to see?
The last film I saw at the cinema was Star Trek, some time ago I’m afraid. I wouldn’t mind going to see Shutter Island, but a certain event due soon may put paid to that idea ….

What music are you listening to right now?
My musical tastes are very eclectic, so I listen to music from lots of different eras. I love the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Thin Lizzy and The Jam, but I also really like the Arctic Monkeys. I’ve just been listening to Favourite Worst Nightmare in the car.

What makes you smile?
The sound of children playing. And the sound of birds singing early in the morning. Oh, and three points for Sheffield Wednesday on a Saturday afternoon.

What would you most like to put right in this world?
It’s not right that some people have more opportunities in life than others, just because of where socially they come from. That’s still the driving force behind my politics.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?
As someone who has worked hard to develop her skills and abilities as much as she possibly can, in order to do her best for her constituents and for her country more generally.


4 responses to “Who We Are – Angela Smith MP

  1. ” Gadgets are a boy thing!”

    This is a terrible message to be sending out to young women, constituents and the tech sector in Sheffield. Such flagrant ignorance of technology does not make me feel that MPs are prepared for leading Britain into the future. Her vote in relation to the Digital Economy Bill in light of this comment is stunning and depressing.

  2. “Every now and again there’s a feeling of real achievement, of having done something that promises to improve people’s lives”.

    It’s a shame then that she has done the exact opposite by supporting the Digital Economy bill, an outrageous piece of legislation which was forced through the commons after a very short debate yesterday. I (along with many others, I believe) wrote to Angela about this and was very disappointed with her response, which completely failed to answer any of the concerns which have been raised about the bill.

    As far as I can tell she did not bother to attend the debate, but still came out to vote in favour of the bill, in line with her party’s wishes but against the wishes of many of her constituents.

    I will no longer be in her constituency on May 6th, but I would urge those who are to look at http://www.openrightsgroup.org/campaigns/disconnection for further information about the bill she supported, and think carefully before voting for her.

  3. I am afraid that Angela is wrong again. “Gadgets are a boy thing!” There are many geek girls in Sheffield. What a shame in these enlightened times to find our MP fall into the trap of gender stereotypes.
    Perhaps her own ignorance of technology is why she voted for the Digital Economy Bill despite the large number of her constituents writing to her pointing out their grave concerns about the preposterous proposals.

  4. Having met Angela once or twice I know she will be missed as Hillsborough’s last MP. Anyone who is a Stones fan can do no wrong in my eyes.
    Good luck Angela. The arrival of DB is awaited with considerable interest.

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