Bottle stoppers

“All you can drink for £10” and similar promotions will be banned under tough new powers introduced from yesterday by the Government.

It is estimated that alcohol-related crime and disorder costs the UK taxpayer between £8 and £13 billion a year. A mandatory new code introduces five conditions for all alcohol retailers which will ensure consistent good practice and crack down on problem premises where irresponsible drinking could put individuals at risk and lead to crime and antisocial behaviour.

The conditions that coming into force yesterday are:

  • banning irresponsible promotions such as “all you can drink for £10” offers, women drink free deals and speed drinking competitions. These promotions encourage people to drink quickly or irresponsibly and could lead to crime or antisocial behaviour;
  • banning “dentist’s chairs” where drink is poured directly into the mouths of customers making it impossible for them to control the amount they are drinking; and
  • ensuring free tap water is available for customers – allowing people to space out their drinks and reduce the risks of becoming dangerously drunk.

The remaining conditions come into effect on October 1st to give retailers time to prepare. They are:

  • ensuring all those who sell alcohol have an age verification policy in place requiring them to check the ID of anyone who looks under 18 to prevent underage drinking which can lead to antisocial behaviour and put young people at risk of harm; and
  • ensuring that all on trade premises make available small measures of beers, wine and spirits to customers so customers have the choice between a single or double measure of spirits and a large or small glass of wine.

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