May 6th General Election and NWS News

PM Gordon Brown finally announced what those of us with at least a few brain cells knew already: The General Election takes place May 6th … And North West Sheffield News has already started interviewing the candidates.

The announcement came today and here is a BBC News report.

How did we know the date before it was announced? Well, given the local elections were set for May 6th … and the disruption they usually cause to schools, libraries, etc, … and knowing that people can hardly be bothered to get out and vote once in four or five years, let alone twice in the space of a month (had the General Election been called for either April or June – the only other months realistically available).

Readers will be no doubt be bombarded with standard political reporting and spin from elsewhere over the next month, and so North West Sheffield News will continue to gather participants for our “Who We Are” series and chase respondents to our “Quizzing the Politicians” initiative as part of our – hopefully refreshing – contribution. But suggestions and contributions would of course be welcome!!!

Here is what North West Sheffield News has produced so far in the run up to #GE2010.

Here are responses so far to the “Who We Are” series we’ve so far published:

  • Sheffield City Councillor and Green Party Sheffield Central PPC Jillian Creasy
  • Sheffield City Council Leader and Lib-Dem Sheffield Central PPC Paul Scriven
  • Stocksbridge & Penistone Conservative PPC Spencer Pitfield

At least two more have been promised and we will re-double our efforts to cover as many PPCs as are willing to tell us about their lives away from the hustings.

Here are the two “Quizzing the Politicians” responses – where we asked parties what they perceived to be their differences and similarities with the other parties in terms of ethos and policies – so far received and posted on our site:

Again, we have been promised further replies from other parties and candidates …

Another couple of recent articles we published in the past couple of weeks were:

Watch this space … !


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