Bridge repairs on the way

Pedestrians and locals are concerned about damage to the bridge at the bottom of Hollins Lane (in Rivelin Valley).

The structure was badly smashed by a motor vehicle collision on 3rd February 2010 and temporary measures taken to secure the area include large concrete blocks.

Unfortunately, the blocks mean that there is little or no footpath space for pedestrians to cross safely.

Speaking to NW Sheffield News, one nearby resident said, “You can’t get a buggy round that corner without stepping onto the road and it’s already hard enough for traffic to see what’s coming on that junction – it’s a potential death trap!”

Two distressed pedestrians view the scene

A Sheffield City Council spokesperson today told NW Sheffield News, “We think it was hit by a lorry, such is the damage, but there were no incident reports made to the police.”

Unfortunately, Sheffield City Council was also unable to estimate a time-scale for repair and restoration.

“The bridge is a listed structure and it’s therefore taken time to get necessary permissions to start work on it. However, these have now been received and a repair order has been issued,” said the Council official.


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