Teen dreams, obese pets and costly bodgers

Here are some useless but perhaps interesting snippets about money in the news this past week …

Ah, bless …
Teenagers expect to be earning an average of £51,800 by age 35 compared with the actual average of £28,933, while 61% think they will be able to buy a house by age 25. However, while their aspirations may be unrealistic, NatWest says its annual survey of 12-19 year olds shows they are significantly more aware of money management issues than a year ago, with 33% of boys and 24% of girls saying they save most or all of their money.

Feed less …
Obesity levels among pets are reaching the same worrying proportions as for people in the UK, with vets reporting that four in 10 of their patients are overweight. In comparison, Government studies suggest that more than half of adults are overweight, says Sainsbury’s Finance. Its survey of vets found that one in 10 pets are categorised as severely overweight, risking conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and bone or ligament problems.

Clueless …
9% of Brits admit they can’t change a lightbulb and 23% don’t know how to change a fuse – but scientists now claim that ability at DIY could be genetically pre-determined. Halifax Home Insurance estimates that £400m worth of damage was caused last year by people who lack the ‘DIY gene’, with the average botched job costing £78.26 to fix.


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