Pub review – University Arms

Those of you who have watered at some of North West Sheffield’s better watering holes will be familiar with the affable Mike Pidgeon, current mine host/manager at the popular Thornbridge Pub – ‘The University Arms’, Brook Hill.

Mike has worked behind the bar of the ‘New Barrack Tavern’ and ‘Hillsborough Hotel’ and is a true professional, football lover and darn good host. The ‘Arms’ used to be the University Staff Club but before then was the Vicarage to St Pauls Church, Shalesmoor [now demolished] and behind it stands the former vicarage to St Georges Church [still with us as lodgings and lecture theatres].

In between the laurel and evergreen girt shrubbery and trees of a gem of a beer garden. Bearing in mind its adjacent to the University Tram Stop and Nevada Pale Ale [nectar] is coming on the pumps… its well worth a visit.

Ron Clayton


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