Living with Trash update

Leaseholders and tenants living in flats and maisonettes may soon be “educated” about recycling and disposing of their rubbish under a new initiative by Sheffield Homes.

Nappies in a blocked chute

North West Sheffield News previously highlighted one leaseholder’s ongoing attempts to have action taken against illegal dumping of household waste in communal stairs at a maisonette block near Stannington (article is here). Most recently, this involved a threat to take a formal complaint against Sheffield Homes all the way to the Local Government Ombudsman as no action seemed to be in process.

In response, Sheffield Homes sent out two senior officers from their “estate services” division to speak to the complainant. They said that getting evidence is too difficult, unless someone signs a witness statement, for any prosecution action against offenders. They also stated that merely opening bags to examine content for clues could not alone constitute conclusive proof as to who is committing this environmental crime.

However, Sheffield Homes said it has now produced a DVD designed to inform residents about how to dispose of waste properly and there are plans to develop glass and aluminium recycling facilities in or near maisonettes and flats by this Summer.

Both the aggrieved leaseholder and Sheffield Homes agreed that these are positive steps, though they may not eradicate the problem entirely. The complainant is considering whether or not to take the matter further, pending visible progress with the promised developments.

Sheffield Homes stated that residents experiencing such problems can phone 293 0000 and offending articles should be removed that same day.


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