New sexy dance in Walkley – UPDATE

Argentinian Tango arrives on Saturday April 10th at Walkley Community Centre, Fir St.

We erroneously reported a few days ago that the subject of this post is a new monthly group. However, the information that we initially received before posting the item was apparently wrong and the event organiser has today contacted us to say it is a new monthly showcase event.

This event captures the atmosphere and ethos of a genuine Buenos Aires milonga, a social dance running until late at night. We are a group of dancers who are promoting this regular event purely in the spirit of good tango, it is entirely non-profit and has the participation of a wide group of friends – hence the title Milonga de los Amigos. Here is a You Tube link of the actual couple who will be dancing at the performance on Saturday 10th, our Maestros from Buenos Aires, Andres Tanguito Cejas and Genoveva Fernandez.

The show times are still 8 pm – midnight. Contact 07968 875765 to find out more.

Apologies to those readers who called up the organiser hoping for information on dance classes. Whilst we accept no responsibility for any inconvenience caused, we do concede that news supplied to us by some sources perhaps needs further checking before publication.

Hopefully those interested in tango will still go along and support this great event! 😎


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