Keep out of Penistone Tesco

Penistone Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) is warning local youngsters to stop using the new Tesco supermarket’s car park on Back Lane, Penistone.

Youngsters are regularly using it as a quick route to the local skate park off Park Avenue. But it is very unsafe to enter and trespassers are at risk.

Building contractors working on the car park have fenced off the area, yet youngsters are still cutting through the site instead of walking 200 metres down Back Lane.

PCSO Joanne Weatherall said: “The area is fenced off for a reason. The site contains large machinery, electrical wires and holes, which makes it an unsafe route to walk through. As an SNT, we will be patrolling the area more in the near future.”


One response to “Keep out of Penistone Tesco

  1. They’ve now warned people, it’s now time to sit back and let Darwin’s “Thinning of the Herd” theory take its course.

    In fairness, do people really need reminding that “large machinery, electrical wires and holes” are dangerous?

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