Shop local gift ideas for under £10, £25 and £50

To shop local is to invest in the wellbeing of a community. But in these days of supermarket chains and national franchises, it can be rather difficult to know what’s available …

So here are three gift ideas, involving businesses, services, products and people based within the boundaries of the North West Sheffield area.

Under £10
Two interesting and informative books for less than £10 combined!?! Sheffield S6 historian and author Ron Clayton writes in an accessible style and has worked solo and collaboratively on several publishing projects. Ron is also acclaimed for his guided walks. Although Ron’s work is available in outlets across Sheffield, you can buy direct from his publisher here.

Under £25
Ok, cheating slightly as this particular hat (see illustration) costs £25 bang on the nail. Imogen is a local milliner producing bespoke and designer hats across a wide price range. But she’s always got bargain items tailored to suit most pockets. No one would guess from the professional quality of Imogen’s work that she is comparatively new to the millinery business. Check out her Facebook page here.

Under £50
£38 buys an eight-week block of swimming lessons at Upperthorpe Healthy Living Centre (discounted to £29.60 with a Slice Card) to keep your “significant other” in tip-top health!



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