Hillsborough successfully re-branded!

Yesterday evening marked the official re-branding of Hillsborough with an event held at the Hillsborough Hotel.

In an initiative driven mainly by the Hillsborough Forum, David Blunkett MP, local author Ron Clayton and a host of others celebrated the unique community that is Hillsborough as its new logo, designed by artist Emma Metcalfe, was unveiled.

Around 100 attendees, many from the local business sector, were treated to Hillsborough Pale Ale – brewed by Crown Brewery on the Hotel’s premises – served in champagne flutes. Also present were local Councillors, Hillsborough residents, and representatives from the voluntary and community sectors.

The new logo is available for local businesses to use in order to mark the outstanding contribution that Hillsborough makes to the City of Sheffield in terms of its character and its businesses.

Wendy Wells M.B.E. spoke on behalf of organisers Hillsborough Forum to NW Sheffield News.

Hillsborough is a strong local shopping district and there was a general consensus that it needed to come together under one banner. The re-branding will be increasingly visible as businesses, many already supportive of the idea, take up the new image, and it will also feature at gateway sites and on local signs. Businesses providing a product or service can apply to Hillsborough Forum for a free licence to use the logo.

David Blunkett MP thought the logo “a great branding idea that should lift morale and get people shopping” before hinting at the date of the General Election when he added that he “looks forward to doing more in Hillsborough, if possible, from May onwards”.

Wendy Wells M.B.E. and David Blunkett MP last night

More pictures …

David Blunkett MP congratulates logo designer Emma Metcalfe

Local historian and author Ron Clayton says a few words

Networking and chatting ...

Businesses wanting to know more can email hillsboroughforum@live.co.uk.


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