Cold comfort

70% of householders say the high cost of energy forced them to cut down on their heating this Winter.

Instead, eight out of 10 put on extra layers to keep warm, 50% wrapped themselves in a blanket while 32% left the oven door open after cooking, according to research by uSwitch.

In some cases, the cold actually forced people out of their homes, with 10% saying they had called in on friends or the local library to keep warm.


One response to “Cold comfort

  1. You guys don’t know anything yet!

    Just wait until the price of heating goes up because of AGW policies!

    No one will be heating their houses to anything much above freezing then, even if they can afford that!

    Check out my blog, which shows in an entertaining way as well with well referenced facts that a layman can understand, what a porky the whole anthropogenic CO2 causes global warming hypothesis is.

    In the pipeline is an analysis of what will really hapen to prices and our economies if the IPCC has its way.



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