Sheffield Homes to aid digital switchover

Some tenants and leaseholders using communal TV aerials are about to get help with Sheffield’s 2011 switch to digital broadcasting.

Sheffield Homes is writing to council tenants and leaseholders to tell them about important upgrade work in preparation for the digital switchover. It’s really important that people allow access to their homes, otherwise they could find that they can’t watch television.

The programme is being managed by Wates, and work will be carried out by TVSAS in around 10,000 homes over the next few months in readiness for next year’s switchover. They will need to fit a new television socket inside homes, which should take under an hour to complete. Wates will contact tenants and leaseholders when they are in the area, and everyone affected will get an appointment letter.

The work will only affect council tenants and leaseholders who receive television through a communal aerial. Those who have their own aerial are responsible for making sure that it is ready for switchover. All customers will need to make sure they have television equipment that can receive a digital signal.

For a leaflet and more information about the work and when it is due in your area, please visit, call 293 0000 (North Sheffield) or 205 3333 (South Sheffield), call into one of Sheffield Homes offices or First Points, or email  Anyone who has already received information about the work and has a question about an appointment, please call Wates on 08456 035787.

For impartial, independent information about the switchover and what needs done, contact Digital UK on 08456 50 50 50 or visit


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