Penistone, pedestrians and parking

Penistone Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) is warning motorists who park on footpaths in Penistone town centre, on Mortimer Heights and on Mortimer Road, Penistone that they will receive penalty tickets of £30 if they continue to cause obstruction to pedestrians.

The SNT will be focusing attention on these areas in particular after they were mentioned as a concern at the last PACT (partners and communities together) meeting by members of the community.

PCSO Joanne Weatherall said: “These motorists either do not realise or do not care that they are making it difficult or impossible for some individuals to use the footpaths, particularly those in mobility scooters or with prams. We are monitoring the situation and will take action against those who continue to create danger and nuisance for others.”


One response to “Penistone, pedestrians and parking

  1. I agree that motorists should take care when parking in that area but i have seen that area and been a pedestrian, Motorists do have a responsibility to ensure they do not cause an obstruction nor put anyone at risk but equally the pedestrians should also have a little more respecta nd not just walk out! I saw a man deliberately walk in the path of a reversing car, the car was moving carefully and he was totally out of order putting the driver at risk and caused a problem by walking especially slowly on purpose. (he could walk perfectly fine)

    The penistone footpath in question is organic and we should not be fining people that can politely interact with each other – stop the nanny state and let people get on with it WITHOUT USING IT AS A QUICK OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE SOME FREE CASH.

    Thankyou for reading

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