Rural help for Sheffield communities

Sheffield City Council said people living in Sheffield’s rural areas, constituting around one third of the city, are at the heart of its plans to give them as many opportunities as their urban counterparts.

Much of the area to the north and west of the city falls within the Peak District National Park. While rural communities play an important role in making the city successful, for example by acting as a strong draw for leisure visitors, they often face issues which need action to help them flourish.

Although the average household income is higher in rural areas, this can mask small pockets of deprivation. For many people, particularly young families, a lack of affordable housing which meets their needs is an issue.

And for those relying on public transport or on a low income, particularly elderly and young people, it can be difficult getting to the shops or other facilities.

A draft strategy and action plan for rural communities will be considered by Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet on March 24th. It aims to improve opportunities for employment and training, and support people in starting their own businesses. It would also look to increase affordable housing, and housing provision for older people.


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