The view from Ron Clayton! Malin Bridge Corn Mill

To quote Tina Turner, ‘Big Wheel Keeps On Turning’. But does it? What is happening with the Malin Bridge Corn Mill, at the bottom of Stannington Road?

This rare undershot wheel [where the water runs under the wheel] has taken years to be renovated and is supposed to be turned on a regular basis to keep it in good working order. Has anyone seen it turned recently?

Our forthright, home grown in S6 Councillor Arthur Dunworth was hopeful that a local group of volunteers could perhaps run the wheel on a regular basis. But this seemed to be contrary to the wishes of the redevelopers of the wheel [formerly know as Geman Wilson’s] and now turned into well equipped and desirable apartments.

So the saga appears to continue. As local archaeologist and fellow fan of the proposal of the plan to open up Sheffield Castle, Lloyd Powell, recently pointed out, Sheffield has no appointed Heritage Officer. Could this be a problem with historic building conservation issues?

Come on Sheffield City Council what’s the position regarding this unique piece of not only NW Sheffield, but Sheffield industrial archaelogy?

Ron Clayton


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