£470m for Sheffield businesses

Liberal Democrats in Sheffield say local businesses have netted £470m thanks to their ‘Buy Local’ initiative.

Last year 60% of the Council’s spend was on suppliers with an “S” postcode, compared to just 46% in July 2008 when the policy began.

Cllr Colin Ross, Liberal Democrat Cabinet Member for Employment, Enterprise and development said: “We know that some local businesses were hit hard by the recession, which is one of the reasons that we started the Buy Local Policy, to make sure that the council was doing all it could to support Sheffield Businesses and big employers based in the city.”

To make it easier for local businesses to bid for work with all organisations in Sheffield’s public sector, the council set up the Buy4Sheffield website, which now has 3,500 suppliers registered.

Businesses can bid for contracts with Sheffield City Council, NHS Sheffield, South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield College all under one roof. The website also gives advice on tendering for work and feedback on unsuccessful bids.


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