Walkley access campaign

A decision about public access improvements in Walkley will be made later this month.

On 25th March, Central Community Assembly will decide whether or not to fund improved drop kerbs at Freedom Road car park, better crossing and traffic-calming measures at Howard Road bend (near the Buddhist Centre), and visible cycle parking on South Road.

Thanks to a campaign championed by Katya Roberts (herself a mobility scooter user) and supported by hundreds of petitioners and Walkley Forum, designs for the proposed improvements were drafted quickly in order to put before the Assembly for consideration.

Walkley Forum tabled the issue for wider comment and said it was very pleased with the suggested scheme.

  1. for new drop kerbs etc had been drafted since last meeting and were tabled for people’s comments. Overall the forum was very pleased with the proposed improvements and the speed with which the plans had been drafted. There were suggestions to improve the drop kerbs at the entrance to Freedom Road car park; improve crossing at Howard Road bend near the Buddhist Centre and to introduce traffic calming measures. A request was made for visible cycle parking on South Road. The decision about funding the scheme will take place at the Central Community Assembly meeting on 25 March.


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