The view from Ron Clayton! Labour’s loves not lost?

It remains the most comprehensive reordering of public affairs in NW Sheffield for decades and yet has been scarcely mentioned in the local media.

I refer to the reorganisation of some of Sheffield’s parliamentary constituencies, in particular, Angela Smith’s departure for the sizeable constituency of Penistone and the arrival of the most charismatic figure in Sheffield politics, David Blunkett, to take the tiller in the merged Hillsborough and Brightside ward.

Both politicians have been have been traversing their new demense’s.

As an old Hillsboroughite, involved in local politics in the late sixties, I look back on the days of the dapper and passionate Martin Flannery, to the quietly authorative and unflappable Helen Jackson and to Angela Smith, almost like the cheery unflappable head girl had taken over from the well respected head mistress.

NW Politics is now a two horse race as the Sheffield Conservative Party has been consigned to the dust of history. But the challenges facing David Blunkett in S6 remain formidable ……………


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