Get your car washed for charity in Stocksbridge!

South Yorkshire firefighters will be washing cars this Saturday (20th March) in Stocksbridge as part of the National Car Wash Day.

The event, taking place at stations across Sheffield and beyond, aims to raise money for The Fire Fighter’s Charity, which supports injured firefighters and their families.

Motorists can get their cars washed at the Stocksbridge Fire Station (on Manchester Road) between 10am and 4pm.

Area Manager Dave Kiddy said: “We are appealing for members of the public to support this event and to bring their cars along to their local fire station this weekend for their cars washing in exchange for vital donations. Along with driving away in a clean car they will also be given valuable advice on fire safety in their homes.”

The Fire Fighters Charity, previously known as the Fire Services National Benevolent Fund, supports injured firefighters and their families through emotional and physical trauma.

Despite the best training, accidents and tragedies involving firefighters sadly occur, and The Fire Fighters Charity supports those affected. The Fire Fighters Charity has two therapy and two recuperation centres in the UK to provide physical and emotional rehabilitation to the firefighters.


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