Positively Stannington success

NW Sheffield News visited the “Positively Stannington” event held today at Lomas Hall.

Sports activities, raffles, music and nearly two dozen display stands set up by community groups and other organisation all contributed to what many attendees will surely agree was a successful community-building occasion.

People talking to each other today at Lomas Hall - fantastic!

NW Sheffield News took the chance to speak to several groups, all of whom were very enthusiastic about publicising their recruitment drives and future events through our pages (for free!). The positive attitude and warmth of those generous people giving up their own Saturdays to speak to a considerable number of local enquirers was both heartening and impressive.

Oh, and delicious free food and refreshments were available – bhajis and pork pies being NWS’s favourites.

Best quiet observation of the day was the little girl making a Mother’s Day card with the help of one of the stall-holders.

Every community should have more days like this. 😎

Organisations taking part and other supporters included:

  • Sheffield Homes
  • Stannington Tenans & Residents Association
  • Action for Stannington
  • Stannington Scouts
  • South Yorkshire Fire Brigade
  • Stannington Carnival
  • North Community Assembly
  • Beverlie Myers School of Dance
  • Shooters Grove Children’s Centre
  • Art in the Park
  • Sheffield Wood-Turning Club (NWS bought a neat pen!)
  • South Yorkshire Police
  • Green Envoy
  • Stannington Players
  • Stannington Mixed Choir
  • Myers Grove School
  • Knowle Top Church
  • Lomas Hall
  • Computer Club
  • Stannington Darby & Joan Agewell Club
  • Shooters Grove Parent Support

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