Loxley Golf Club controversial planning application decided soon

Sheffield City Council’s Planning Department is due to rule on the controversial application by Loxley Golf Club to build changing rooms, construct a training pitch with six 13m tall lighting columns and erect 5m high fencing.

The planning request was made in September 2009 and a decision is pending (but due by 25th March 2010).

Numerous objections were lodged by local residents, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, the British Astronomical Association’s Campaign for Dark Skies and Loxley Valley Protection Society. Bradfield Parish Council, although not objecting so long as building fell within planning laws, also expressed concern about the possible impact of the proposed floodlighting.

Opposition is mainly based on:

  • Light pollution in a Greenbelt area that’s otherwise in darkness at night
  • High visibility of the construction – particularly from Stannington, Dungworth and locations up to at least three miles away – being a blot on this traditionally rural landscape
  • Increased car traffic (as there is scant public transport provision) in an area with a poor safety record and recent fatalities
  • The danger of new roads having to be built for access to the site
  • Potential noise nuisance from users of the training pitch
  • Alleged lack of planning permission for existing structures and current flouting of planning laws
  • A history of unsuccessful enforcement attempts by Bradfield Parish Council against existing lighting arrangements
  • Negative impact on the openness and character of the landscape – blurring the distinction between urban and rural areas

Loxley Valley Protection Society also pointed out in their submission that a policy document exists that states: “any buildings or economic or leisure activities that interfere with the tranquil atmosphere of the valley should be refuted.”

There is an independent appeal process available for proponents or opponents who disagree with Sheffield Council’s planning final decision over the application.

The reference number for the application is 09/02910/FUL and this is the web page where its progress can be monitored.


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