Yorkshire Brass Band Championships to come to Sheffield?

Andrew Platts, Bass Trombonist with Stannington Band and Editor of the Mercury Newspaper, is one of many people unhappy with facilities at St. George’s Hall in Bradford – current home to the Yorkshire Brass Band Championship contest.

It is true that St. George’s Hall is a reasonably ok acoustic to play in. But its cramped conditions for players backstage and a distinct lack of other facilities – such as no bar or food catering provision – make it an unattractive proposition for bandpersons having to spend any length of time there. Add that public transport provision to the city is not very good, only making matters worse.

But Sheffield City Hall boasts fantastic facilities both within the building and across the nearby city-centre. It also has a history of of hosting major brass contests in the past, such as the mineworkers’ CISWO finals.

Sheffield City Hall - no stranger to hosting major brass band contests ...

Andrew has today emailed the Yorkshire Area Committee (who administer the annual competition) with the following offer, suggesting Sheffield City Hall as a better venue and offering sponsorship from the Mercury Newspaper:

This weekend demonstrated that Bradford St Georges Hall is not suitable for the Yorkshire Area Championship. We propose to bring it to the the vastly superior venue that is Sheffield City Hall. It has better facilities all round.The Mercury Newspaper will offer to sponsor and finance the event if agreement could be reached to transfer it to Sheffield City Hall. We would also pay for, and host, rehearsal facilities and we would make a warm up room available. We will also offer to arrange discount vouchers for refreshments in local hotels and restaurants.

We would also promote and host a Gala concert.

We will keep you updated with any response received. Meanwhile, this is the Facebook page for the campaign to bring brass to Sheffield – Sign up to show support!

*** 12th March UPDATE here.


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