Water waste!

From 2010, Yorkshire Water will take control and ownership of all private and public sewers.

This obviously has implications for home-owners and private landlords. And, naturally, it will mean an increase in costs to the consumer.

Take Yorkshire Water’s short quiz on the subject and find out all you need to know by clicking on the logo below.


2 responses to “Water waste!

  1. Hi there,

    Appreciate you flagging this up on your site as we’re keen to get the thoughts of all of our customers around this potential development and the reasons why we at Yorkshire Water support it.

    We appreciate that there’s a lot of confusion around just who owns which sewers, and hopefully the introduction of this legislation may help to clarify what has typically been a grey area for a lot of people in the past.

    Since local Government reorganisation in 1974 and the subsequent privatisation of the water industry in 1989, responsibility for drainage systems has become a confusing issue for customers.

    The journey from sky to ground can take a drop of water through several “ownerships” which are sometimes difficult to understand – particularly when some sections of the sewerage system are classified as privately owned and others public.

    When the Government announced it was drawing up new legislation which would transfer the ownership of private sewerage systems into the ownership of the water companies, we welcomed this move.

    Adding another 20,000km of pipeline on top of the 33,000 kilometres of public sewer we already look after would certainly present us with a not inconsiderable challenge.
    However, most importantly, such a move will help bring a great deal more clarity around who exactly is responsible for what in relation to Yorkshire’s sewers. By taking ownership of these pipes, we’ll also be taking the cost of maintenance and potentially costly repairs away from the homeowner.

    The new legislation is due to come into force in 2012 but in advance of this, we’d like customers to give us their views by taking part in an online poll which can be found at http://www.yorkshirewater.com/sewerpoll, along with more information on what the changes will mean.

    Customers can also join our online forum to share their views by visiting twitter.com #WhoseSewerIsItAnyway or post their comments on our Facebook group ‘Yorkshire WaterGroup’.

    We’re really keen to encourage discussion around this as the decision is not a foregone conclusion and we want to know exactly what people think.


    • Thanks for the response. People will make up their own minds about what is good and bad about the prospect of YW taking over the sewers, and there certainly seems to be a lot of factors in favour.

      However, to say “The journey from sky to ground can take a drop of water through several ‘ownerships’ which are sometimes difficult to understand” perhaps needs clarification. Surely we are talking about who owns those services that deal with water, rather than the (“God-given”) H2O itself … ?


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