If you can’t shop local and really do need to go to Meadowhell …

The Highways Agency will begin work to upgrade traffic lights on the roundabout at Junction 34 (Meadowhall) of the M1, on Monday 15 March.

This work is the first phase of a scheme to widen the roundabout. The scheme will increase the capacity on the roundabout and reduce congestion at the junction. Before the widening work can take place the Agency is upgrading the traffic lights and work is also needed to divert a water main which runs across the roundabout. The main work to widen the roundabout will begin early in 2011.

Work to replace the traffic lights will take nine weeks and in order to minimise the disruption to drivers work will take place at night between 10pm and 6am. There will be lane closures on the approaches to the roundabout and on the roundabout. There will be slight delays for drivers.

Trees and shrubs on the roundabout will also be removed before the bird nesting season begins and will be replanted at the end of the scheme.

Work to divert the water main will take place in June and last for 15 weeks. There will only be slight delays to traffic as the majority of the work will take place within the roundabout and any lane restrictions will take place at night.

Highways Agency project manager Steve Wright said: “The new traffic lights are the first phase of a three phase scheme to improve the roundabout. Where possible we are carrying out the work at night in order to minimise the disruption to traffic and we ask drivers to take care when traveling through the road works. Once complete the widened roundabout will smooth traffic flow and reduce congestion at the junction.”


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