Expecting baby talk

Sheffield hosts the national homebirth conference later this month on March 20th.

The conference addresses a number of issues surrounding planning a home birth including difficulties women and midwives face and using birthing pools.

A panel of professionals from the city’s healthcare organisations, including community midwives and the head of midwifery, will be on hand to give an overview of the implementation of Maternity Matters and answer questions.

The event takes place at St Mary’s on Saturday 20th March, 09.30 to 04.30.

Kate Laurance NHS Sheffield’s strategy manager for children, young people, and maternity services said: “Maternity Matters is about promoting choice, access and continuity of care in a safe service in Sheffield. This includes those who choose a home birth.

“Four percent of Sheffield births were delivered at home in 2008, a total of 267 births, through Maternity Matters we want to promote that home births are an option that more mothers-to-be may wish to choose.”

For more information, visit: www.sheffieldhomebirth.org.uk/conference.aspx or call 267 8948.


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