Lowest Council Tax ever!

The controlling Liberal Democrat Group on Sheffield City Council said today that they will recommend increasing Council Tax, excluding precepts (e.g., Fire & Rescue Service funding), by 1.39%.

The 1.39% figure is lower than the previously planned 1.5%. The current rate if inflation nationally is 3.5%. Additionally, the Lib-Dems announced an extra one-off investment of £280,000 to help deal with potholes and increased litter caused by recent severe weather.

The Lib-Dems said they have managed to drive down costs at the Council by freezing councillors’ allowances next year and by coming up with the new investment with which to fund the lowest Council Tax increase that Sheffield has ever seen.

Cllr Simon Clement-Jones, Liberal Democrat Cabinet Member for Finance and Customer Focussed Services said, “Keeping Council Tax to an absolute minimum is a priority for the Liberal Democrats. So over the last few days and weeks we have been toiling away in the Town Hall to try and find more savings to bring down the proposed increase.

I’m delighted that not only have we managed to do this, but we have also been able to provide some much needed extra action to deal with the after effects of the harsh Winter weather.”

The 1.39% increase, excluding precepts, will represent the lowest ever Council Tax increase in Sheffield and is well below the current 3.5% rate of inflation. The recommendation will be made at the Authorities budget setting meeting this Friday 5th March.


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