Action on fraud

Victims of fraud in South Yorkshire can now report crimes and access support and advice through a new national fraud reporting centre.

Launched initially in October 2009 in the West Midlands area and rolled out today across the north east of the country, Action Fraud works closely with the police and provides a valuable link between forces when criminals act across large geographical areas.

Although people in the UK were defrauded out of an average £621 last year, most victims of fraud do not report the crime. Victims of fraud often don’t want to talk about what’s happened to them because they feel embarrassed and ashamed. Fraudsters rely on that silence. The National Fraud Authority (NFA) has launched Action Fraud, a national fraud reporting centre that provides a single point of contact for fraud victims where they can both report a fraud and seek guidance and advice.

Action Fraud is open from Monday to Friday between 8am to 8pm, Saturday between 9am to 6pm and Sunday between 10am to 4pm.

Dr. Bernard Herdan, Chief Executive of the NFA, said: “Action Fraud is at the heart of our strategy to make the UK a more hostile environment for fraud. Victims of fraud often don’t want to talk about it because they feel embarrassed. They not only suffer a financial loss but a loss of self esteem because they blame themselves for being taken in. But the best way to fight fraud and fraudsters is to get people talking about it and reporting it to Action Fraud.”

Action Fraud provides a clear signpost for reporting all types of fraud, including identity theft, investment, credit card and consumer fraud. At the same time it gives law enforcement and counter-fraud agencies enhanced information to collect on database to target fraudsters better, protect the public more effectively and bring criminals to justice.

South Yorkshire Police’s Economic Crime Unit Manager Graham Wragg said: “Action Fraud will support victims, help prevent fraud and better enable South Yorkshire Police to investigate crime by giving us access to national intelligence.

“Fraudsters can target people in South Yorkshire regardless of where they are based, so by providing a national reporting centre we will be in a much stronger position to tackle fraud locally.

“By working together, Action Fraud and South Yorkshire Police will be able to offer a better level of service to the public and, ultimately, bring more offenders to justice.

“We also have the Why Should They? Campaign across ongoing the Yorkshire and Humber region, encouraging residents to ask the question, why should criminals be allowed to live a life of luxury at the expense of others?

“I would encourage victims of fraud or anyone who may suspect fraud is taking to place to ask these same questions and report it to the police.”

South Yorkshire Police has seen two high-profile fraud cases come to successful climaxes in the last week. Operations Matrix and Metric saw a total of 11 people convicted and sentenced for fraud offences after considerable efforts by SYP’s Economic Crime Unit.

Graham Wragg added that, “cases such as these tend to be long and complicated and in the future Action Fraud will greatly assist in helping SYP to solve such crimes and bring the criminals to justice.”

If individuals or business operators have been a victim of fraud in the last 12 months and want to report a fraud, they are encouraged to call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, Textphone 0300 123 2050 or click on the picture above to visit the website.

Anyone witnessing a crime in action should call the police on 999.


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