Better buses bid battle

Sheffield deserves priority over Doncaster for bus improvements, according to Lib-Dems.

Liberal Democrats on South Yorkshire’s Integrated Passenger Authority are set to propose that the Sheffield and South Rotherham area is promoted to first in line to be offered the chance to use Quality Bus Contracts in order to see improvements to local bus services.

At the moment the South Yorkshire Integrated Passenger Authority (ITA) plans to offer Doncaster the chance to use quality contracts that would see Councils able to regulate local bus services.

However, Lib Dems believe the Mayor of Doncaster has made it clear he doesn’t see better buses as a priority and he isn’t prepared to support the bus priority measures that would be required. The Lib Dems in Sheffield believe that, as a result, Sheffield and South Rotherham should be prioritised over Doncaster so that the area becomes the first place in South Yorkshire able to use the new powers.

Cllr Ian Auckland, Liberal Democrat Cabinet member for Sustainable Transport and Streetscene and member of the South Yorkshire ITA, said, “It’s clear from the Mayor’s comments that Doncaster isn’t up for what would be required to deliver Quality Bus Contracts and all the benefits it could bring. After all, what’s the point in doing all the work in Doncaster when the Mayor is likely to veto any proposed changes regardless?

“The people of Sheffield have been crying out for better buses and we have a local Liberal Democrat Council committed to providing them under the new powers. It makes sense for our area to be the first to be able use these powers so that’s what Sheffield Liberal Democrats on the ITA will be proposing.”

Ian will move the proposal at the 4th March meeting of the South Yorkshire Integrated Passenger Authority.

Ian added “It’s clear that allowing private companies to run buses unregulated has been a disaster. Liberal Democrats want to put Sheffield and Rotherham in the fast lane to better buses. By making this move local people could have much greater control over fares, routes and quality as soon as possible. I will be urging all members of the ITA to back the proposal.”


One response to “Better buses bid battle

  1. Having a decent bus service would be a vast improvement to what we have now. I live in an area where buses are supposed to be every 12 minutes first thing in the morning to get people to work, then reducing to every 20 minutes. The morning buses don’t appear to be too bad but as the day goes on you find you can wait up to an hour for a bus then they all turn up at once. Whilst I’m sure our service isn’t the only one that happens to, it seems to be a regular occurence for us. I agree with Ian Auckland’s comment about private companies running our bus service being a disaster. Let’s go back to the old days, at least they were more reliable.

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