Reminder: local food workshop for Sheffield villages

Villagers on the Sheffield side of the Peak District National Park can hear all about growing, buying and marketing local food at a workshop at Dungworth Village Hall on March 4th.

Guest speakers at the workshop will discuss local food production, sales and promotion, the Sheffield Food Festival, the Sheffield Food Plan, food co-ops and food hubs.

The free event, organised by the Sheffield Rural Villages Network, is open to all, and is also a chance to meet new Sheffield Village Officer Sharon Batty.

“My role is to help villagers to identify and achieve improvements they’d like to see in their community,” said Sharon. “That may include setting up a food co-operative to market local produce and gain discounts from bulk-buying. Or villagers may decide they need a new playground or a car park. I can support them in developing action plans and applying for grants.

“I’m working with villages on both sides of the Peak District National Park boundary such as Bradfield, Dungworth, Upper Midhope, Midhopestones, Worrall, Bolsterstone, Loxley and Ringinglow. I want to help these communities to get together and exchange ideas, and to equip them to carry on improving village life in the future.”

All are welcome at the workshop from 6.30-8pm on Thursday March 4 at Dungworth Village Hall. For more information contact Village Officer Sharon Batty on or 07890 274620 (Tue, Wed and alternate Thurs).

(Our original post on this story is here.)


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