Call for better access

A petition has been started, with over one hundred signatures on it already, over disability access issues experienced on steeper roads in and around Upperthorpe and Walkley.

Katya Robin, who uses a mobility scooter, told a meeting of Walkley Community Forum of her difficulties negotiating South Road and Howard Road.

Although Katya welcomed Sheffield City Council’s initiative to look at greener areas as outlined in the Penistone Road plans, she felt that Walkley had been neglected and shared her experiences of finding the library impossible to access and difficulties of attending her doctor’s surgery.

Katya had been joined by Veronica Hardstaff, the forum chair, and by Catherine Walsh to walk one of her routes. A meeting has been arranged with the Council to discuss issues arising. Katya wants the Council to take a strategic and comprehensive look at what need to be done, starting with an audit of how things are now.

Katya, Catherine and Veronica will take the petition to the next city council and community assembly meetings. In the latter case, they will bid for funds if only to see what can be improved at the top and bottom of the steepest roads. It was agreed that the issues went beyond disability access as others are affected, notably the elderly and those with pushchairs.

Katya said, “I would like see improvement of the street, which is very run down, and provision of dropped kerbs is hit and miss. Improving the pavements and access to local shops and amenities will benefit all. I am discussing some ideas about local art projects relating to pavements with Walkley Community Forum.”

The access issues are aggravated by blockages caused by bins being left on pavements after refuse collection, disregard for parking restrictions by car users, lack of enforcement (e.g. outside the Rose House Pub and unclear signage regarding parking restrictions).

To find out more, contact Walkley Community Forum at


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