Spot cash and cash pots

Money found on the street and coins in jars …

Spot cash
Nearly half of Britons (49%) said that if they found £100 in cash on the street with no-one around, they would keep it for themselves. According to recent data from Santander this a rise of 13% from 2008. Almost two thirds (62%) who said they would keep the windfall added that they would feel no guilt in holding onto the cash. Only one in 20 (6%) would give the money to charity.

Cash pots
63% of UK households store excess loose change in a pot or jar according to a survey from These jars contain on average £24.54. Collectively, as much as £385 million could be stored in almost 16 million jars, bottles and piggy banks across the UK; an increase from from £100 million in 2007.


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