No more sick notes

If Government and business can’t foster a healthier workforce, then change the rules!

People off work due to sickness will “get the support they need” to get back to work earlier, as new guidance is launched today.

The introduction of the “fit note”, in place of the traditional sick note, is set to cut the cost of sick leave for employers. It is expected to benefit the British economy by an estimated £240 million over the next ten years.

From 6 April, doctors will be able to advise if a patient ‘may be fit for work’ and offer advice on the effects of their health condition. Doctors will have the option to advise that their patient would be able to work, subject to the employer’s agreement, if temporary changes such as reduced working hours or amended duties could be accommodated.

Quite how people absent due to workplace-related stress will be treated is as yet unclear.


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